Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Close I Can Taste It


This morning I rolled out of bed at 6:30 a.m. and quickly grabbed my phone to check my family into the Polynesian Resort.  Let me just tell you... it felt SO good!  Tomorrow we will be doing the single digit dance!

I am compiling the list of items we need to order from Garden Grocer today.  My mother-in-law has her list made out already so I just have to get my mom to do the same.  Matt and I will be fairly easy I think. 

My packing list is already edited.  All I have to do is print it off and get started!  I remember when I would go to WDW before I was an adult... I would pack my stuff 2 weeks ahead of time.  I don't find the need to do that anymore.  Last year I stalled a bit too much though.  Like... the night before. Oops.  The hard part is getting my husband, Matt, to pack!  He says it will take all of 10 minutes but I know that once he starts he realizes it's actually much harder than he thought.  So, that short 10 minutes turns into 45 minutes.  Debating which sandles to take and which to leave at home.  How many pair of practically idential shorts to bring along?  What is absolutely necessary to be packed in the carry-on bag?  I think he actually manages to make it harder on himself. 

Recently I was told by a friend of mine about a really cool website called  It's basically a way to promote your blog or other Disney related website.  Everytime you post something new and would like to share it with people, you simply add it to DisMarks website and then registered members can see it.  If people like what they read they can "mark it" which is basically giving that entry a vote.  Once there are 5 votes you entry gets "promoted" to the main DisMarks page.  Four days ago I posted the video from our honeymoon and right now that entry is the number one most popular Dismark!  Yay! 

I'd like to thank Ned Brower from my favorite rock/pop band, Rooney for being a frequent reader of my Disney blog.  The other night on Facebook he told me he reads my blog and it definitely made my night.  I love how the common love for Disney can join so many people together in a way you never realized.  I've personally made and strengthened a lot of relationships in my life because of Disney.


  1. I think it's funny that we met on the Rooney site but these days the Disney factor is such a big part of our friendship....haha! Yay! Disney! We just got home tonight. I'm really looking forward to your trip! You better to tons of facebook/twitter updates. :)

  2. Disney is just more.. universal. haha.

    I figured out my issue with your blog! Well, not really but I fixed the bug. Everytime I clicked on your blog in my follow feed it said you were on Day 55. So then I would try and open the blog and it would say there was an error. So then I'd open your profile and I could click on it through there. And that was the only way. I just unfollowed you and then followed you again. Now back to normal!