Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Days!

It's true.  Only 10 days left until I am off to Walt Disney World with Matt, Barbara, and Ben.  Not that I'm bragging or anything.  Haha!  I'm just really really excited to get the heck out of Michigan.  I can't lie.  This weather has been getting me down!  I'm sick for the second time in a month and I have only moved from my couch today to go to the bathroom and find the Wii remote when I lose it in the couch cushions.  I remembered this morning was my 10 day mark so I got on Disney's website to check-in only to have it give me an error message multiple times telling me that I didn't enter all of the fields in yellow.  Such bull.  I'll try later I suppose but if I don't get to do online check-in then it won't be that big of a deal. 

Barbara and Ben came to visit us and we went to an orchard and a few wineries.  Super fun.  Anyhoo, while they were here we watched a few of the Disney Parks films on Netflix.  Then when they went home they watched more of them.  I get texts from Barbara about random Disney things like cupcakes and "rarely known" Disney details.  It's cool because I can see her "getting it" already.  I cannot wait to watch Barbara and Ben's faces!  I could truly cry just thinking about it.

I started making window decorations for our window at Caribbean Beach Resort!  I can't wait to show you all pictures!  I'm almost done.  Yay!  I know some people hate when other guests decorate windows but my response is... if you don't like it then just keep walking.  I think it's gonna be fun!

I got our yellow Magical Express tags in the mail and while it was super exciting the lady that took my flight info must not have saved it because the papers didn't have any info on them.  So, I need to call the DME number and have them take care of it.  

I found out this weekend some very disheartening and crushing Disney related news.  They changed the menu at 50's Prime Time Cafe.  They took away the tuna casserole that I was insanely excited about trying.  Now my only two options are vegetarian meatballs and pasta (I can eat that at home) and fish of the day.  The salmon would have been an option but they made it all mushroomy which would make me spew vomit.  No thanks.  Oh well... nothing I can do.  Maybe I'll luck out and they'll have tuna as the fish of the day.  

The big news that rocked the Disney world (no pun intended) is the announcement of Avatarland.  I could have written an entire entry on this story but I can sum up how I feel about it pretty quickly.  I'm known to speak my mind and not hold back so here goes.  While I have no doubt that Disney and James Cameron is going to do a great job on this land, I think that the money could have been spent elsewhere. And yes, I am one of those that believes that Avatarland would have fit better into Disney's Hollywood Studios.  I see where Disney is going with the concept in Animal Kingdom but I have my doubts about a proper fit.  I've seen Avatar once and it was good, not great.  Now I know so many people LOVE it which I think will be insanely profitable for Disney.  Finally people will start to see Animal Kingdom as a whole day park and maybe they can even extend the park hours.  Disney is now competing with Universal Studios and they mega Harry Potter land that they have.  Universal cornered a huge market and you've gotta give them credit.  Disney is trying to up their game.  All in all though I feel like it's a lackluster idea and there could have been something much cooler hiding inside of Disney's secret idea lair.  I don't want to see Disney going away from a classic "Disney feel."  That's my biggest fear.  

Will update you guys again before the trip!  10 Days!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion in Walt Disney World

Some might say I like to look nice.  This is true.  But, at Walt Disney World, being comfortable comes first.  There is a balance that a lady likes to find when touring around parks in 90 degree weather.  Between sweating and... more sweating it's not always a comfortable situation.  Still, there are ways to survive and look awesome while staying cool and comfy.

Let's take a look at the first area most people think of when it comes to "what to wear at Disney."  Shoes.  I hate shoes.  It's obvious if you look at how few shoes I own and especially obvious if you look at how few shoes I wear on a regular basis.  When I'm in the park I don't wear tennis shoes.  Most people do, I know.  But, tennis shoes don't match my outfits.  Instead, I have found a balance with Crocs.  Crocs breathe.  Crocs aren't uncomfortable if they get wet.  But, let's face it.  Some Crocs are ugly.  I love the flats and the flip flops.  I have my eye on a new sandal though, the Sexi Flip.

Some people have issues with Crocs rubbing but I never have.  I make sure that they are slightly sloppy.  That's what they suggest that you buy anyway.  Back before I had Crocs I'd wear Old Navy's cheap flip-flops.  My feet hurt a little but at least I was blister free.  NOTHING is worse than feeling like you can't go on because of blisters forming.

As far as the rest of the outfit goes... I like to keep it fashionably casual.  I wear a lot of sundresses, rompers, and shorts and tank top outfits.  Sundresses are perfect because they keep all my lady parts light and airy.  TMI?  Sure, but I'm being honest.  Rompers are nice because it's one piece and they are normally really lightweight.  The only downside is having to pull them down all the way to go to the bathroom which results in you basically being naked while doing your business.  As far as shorts and tank tops/t-shirts go I am not a huge fan of wearing denim shorts since they tend to make me really hot.  I like lightweight shorts.  Not gym shorts.  Sort of a khaki material.  If I do wear denim shorts then they can't be skin tight or I'll just feel sweaty and chubby the entire day.  I just bought a new romper, maxi dress, and a sundress from Forever 21 a month ago in preparation for the trip.

In October the weather is still pretty hot during the day and the nights CAN be a bit chilly so I always come prepared with a sweater/cardigan of some sort to throw on over a dress or tank top.  I also always bring a hoodie.  Hoodies are lifesavers when it's windy too.  Along with my dresses I make sure to have a pair of black leggings with me in case I get a little cold.  It saves me from having to change the entire outfit.

Okay, Disney World is not a fashion show and you'll pretty much see everything walking around when you're there.  I've seen women in 5 inch heels and guys in overalls.  The sky is the limit but you should know that the sky sometimes tends to be disastrous.  Still, I'm a gal that likes to look presentable in pictures and even a little cute.  If you're a woman and your goal is to look "sexy" at any point during your trip... May I just smack you now?  No one, not even Beyonce, looks like a cover girl taking a plunge into the briar patch on Splash Mountain.  I have no one to really impress while I'm at Disney World so my level of caring is a lot lower than if I am going out to a nice dinner around town where I'll actually see people that I know.

A very famous quote from The Office sums it up nicely, "Keep It Simple Stupid."