Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love Disney Commercials

This week I spent some time with my new friend (a WDW cast member), Ashley, finding the best Disney commercials on YouTube.  The person that created YouTube deserves a hug for this reason alone.  Providing me Disney love all of the time.  I'll stop yapping and get to the goods.  My favorite Disney commercials.

We ALL feel this way the night before we leave for a trip to see Mickey Mouse.

This video is a top pick simply for nostalgic reasons.

This one is for the women out there.  And the guys... learn a thing or two about romance.

I get the giggles when I watch this one.  I remember watching it on T.V.

I swear to you that this girl was JUST LIKE ME as a kid!  Right down to the voice and everything.

Here you go folks... my favorite Disney commercial of all time.  Grab a kleenex.

This video is not a commercial but it is the most hilarious thing I've seen on YouTube. 

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  1. Great Disney clips. Thanks for posting.

    Here's a Disney commercial, but not for the parks. It's "Pook-a-Sode #4: Fairy Tale Ending" featuring Dopey and Snow White Pook-A-Looz characters: