Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Planning Binder

Since 2007 I have kept a Disney planning binder.  As my trip gets closer I add and edit things inside.  I use sheet protectors so everything stays nice and neat.  This binder stays by my side until we get into our room at the resort.  I wrote a blog about my binder a while back.  This is what my binder right now contains. 

I have my Garden Grocery list and packing list in the binder right now but those will be taken out when I'm done with them.  I include my day itinerary that includes our chosen parks and dining reservation confirmation numbers.  You'll notice that the page protector is all crinkled. That's because when we are in the parks, I take that page out, fold it up, and put it in my bag.  It's gotten a few years of use.  Haha.

On top of this, I keep a schedule of the park hours, extra magic hours, and parade/show times.  No picture necessary because it's too fine of print and you won't be able to read it anyway.  In the back of my binder I keep a letter Matt wrote me back in 2008 before my first mother/daughter trip with my mom.  I was nervous about having to be in charge and having to go somewhere without Matt.  He called me "Rudy" because of the movie character.  Which happens to be one of my favorite movies.  :)  I love carrying that letter because he says some very sweet things in it.

9 days to go!  C'mon!!!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Close I Can Taste It


This morning I rolled out of bed at 6:30 a.m. and quickly grabbed my phone to check my family into the Polynesian Resort.  Let me just tell you... it felt SO good!  Tomorrow we will be doing the single digit dance!

I am compiling the list of items we need to order from Garden Grocer today.  My mother-in-law has her list made out already so I just have to get my mom to do the same.  Matt and I will be fairly easy I think. 

My packing list is already edited.  All I have to do is print it off and get started!  I remember when I would go to WDW before I was an adult... I would pack my stuff 2 weeks ahead of time.  I don't find the need to do that anymore.  Last year I stalled a bit too much though.  Like... the night before. Oops.  The hard part is getting my husband, Matt, to pack!  He says it will take all of 10 minutes but I know that once he starts he realizes it's actually much harder than he thought.  So, that short 10 minutes turns into 45 minutes.  Debating which sandles to take and which to leave at home.  How many pair of practically idential shorts to bring along?  What is absolutely necessary to be packed in the carry-on bag?  I think he actually manages to make it harder on himself. 

Recently I was told by a friend of mine about a really cool website called  It's basically a way to promote your blog or other Disney related website.  Everytime you post something new and would like to share it with people, you simply add it to DisMarks website and then registered members can see it.  If people like what they read they can "mark it" which is basically giving that entry a vote.  Once there are 5 votes you entry gets "promoted" to the main DisMarks page.  Four days ago I posted the video from our honeymoon and right now that entry is the number one most popular Dismark!  Yay! 

I'd like to thank Ned Brower from my favorite rock/pop band, Rooney for being a frequent reader of my Disney blog.  The other night on Facebook he told me he reads my blog and it definitely made my night.  I love how the common love for Disney can join so many people together in a way you never realized.  I've personally made and strengthened a lot of relationships in my life because of Disney.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The 12 Days Of Disney

Here we are folks!  Only 12 short days left until we take off on a Boeing 757 headed straight for Orlando International Airport.

Over the weekend I spent time getting mums and pumpkins with my mom and mother-in-law.  We kept talking about Disney World of course.  We're hoping that there will only be 4 checked bags and 3 carry-ons among us.  Not only do we not have the desire to spend $32 for a second checked bag on top of $23 for the first, but we have limited space in the car.  My husband's dad is going to drive the four of us up to Detroit and leave us off so we don't have to spend almost $100 to park the car at the airport for the week.  I admit that I doubt we will fit all of the bags in the car comfortably but, we will manage I'm sure.  As long as the moms don't overpack.  ;)

Matt and I are still unsure what we are going to do with Ellie for the week.  Yeah yeah yeah, it's 2 weeks away.  We know.  Our neighbor offered to watch Ellie anytime we needed her to so I think we are going ot try and ask her soon.  She has a miniature poodle that would be the only problem.  I'm not sure that Ellie and the poodle would get along so we'd have to find out before we commit to keep her there.  If we don't keep her at our neighbors then she will just get boarded somewhere here in town.

Last night, I was tuning into WDW Today's Live Show and when I entered the chat room I was pointed out by a fellow listener named Kathy.  She said she was a frequent reader of my blog!  I was so flattered that she "knew" me!  HI, KATHY!!

In keeping with the theme of my blog entry title, I'm going to list 12 great gifts/souvenirs to buy when at Walt Disney World!

On the first day of Disney my true love gave to me... A refillable mug!

On the second day of Disney my true love gave to me... A swirley lollipop!

On the third day of Disney my true love gave to me... A Hummel from Germany!

On the fourth day of Disney my true love gave to me... A Create-Your-Own Mr. Potato Head!

On the fifth day of Disney my true love gave to me... A Walt Disney "Vision" Poster!

On the sixth day of Disney my true love gave to me... A "Pick-A Pearl" from Japan!

On the seventh day of Disney my true love gave to me... A Disney Cookbook!

On the eighth day of Disney my true love gave to me... A Vintage Epcot T-Shirt!

On the ninth day of Disney my true love gave to me... A Monorail Playset!

On the tenth day of Disney my true love gave to me... Disney Ornaments!

On the eleventh day of Disney my true love gave to me... Trading Pins!

On the twelfth day of Disney my true love gave to me... Mickey Mouse Ears!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love Disney Commercials

This week I spent some time with my new friend (a WDW cast member), Ashley, finding the best Disney commercials on YouTube.  The person that created YouTube deserves a hug for this reason alone.  Providing me Disney love all of the time.  I'll stop yapping and get to the goods.  My favorite Disney commercials.

We ALL feel this way the night before we leave for a trip to see Mickey Mouse.

This video is a top pick simply for nostalgic reasons.

This one is for the women out there.  And the guys... learn a thing or two about romance.

I get the giggles when I watch this one.  I remember watching it on T.V.

I swear to you that this girl was JUST LIKE ME as a kid!  Right down to the voice and everything.

Here you go folks... my favorite Disney commercial of all time.  Grab a kleenex.

This video is not a commercial but it is the most hilarious thing I've seen on YouTube. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Of The Day!

In May of 2007, my husband Matt and I honeymooned in Walt Disney World.  This was during the Year Of A Million Years promotion.  Hands down the best promotion Disney could have come up with.

One morning, Matt and I got to Disney's Hollywood Studios (then MGM) mega early.  About 45 minutes before the park was set to open a Cast Member from Guest Relations came by and chatted with us for a minute and then asked us if we'd like to help open the park.  Of course we said, "YES!"

Going into an empty park and walking around was really beyond words.  The CM was wonderful.  She brought us whatever snacks and drinks we wanted while we waited for the 'show' to begin.  Eventually the crowd was led up to the rope.  The amazing Rosie came out and hammed it up with the crowd patiently waiting to get inside of the park.  Then Rosie came over to us and made a huge deal out of us being on our honeymoon.  She made us kiss and then she kissed Matt!!  It was spectacular. 

After being a part of the park opening we were whisked away in a car back to Tower of Terror where we were told we would get to ride all by ourselves in our own elevator.  Except, when we walked into the pre-show room, there were a few other CMs standing there smiling.  After the pre-show we stood in the dark with them for quite a while.  Things were getting awkward.  As soon as the lights turned back on, a male CM beside me said that in honor of our honeymoon and of the Year Of A Million Dreams, he was rewarding us with Dream Fastpasses!

The rest of the day was really awesome and we felt very blessed to get to help open the park. 

Here is the video of the whole experience!  Enjoy folks!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My WDW Vacation Details

It dawned on me today that quite a few more people have started reading my blog lately.  Back in March when I announced my big news I only had about 5 followers.  So, for all you newbies, here is a link to the entry that I made earlier this year. 

Are we all caught up?  Great!  Moving on...

I might as well make this into a pre-trip report since now I'll be off to Disney World in 17 days!


Stacey - Obviously, this is me!  I'm 22, born and raised in Michigan.  Went to Disney World for the first time when I was 9 years old.  When I'm not planning Disney World vacations for family and friends, I am a Customer Service Rep at a bank.  In my spare time I like to sing, play guitar, watch documentaries, and spend time with my family.

Matt - My husband of 3 years.  Matt (26) and I met when we were in high school even though we lived down the street from each other most of our lives.  He works security for a pharmecutical company.  When he has free time he loves to work out and watch movies. 

Nancy - This lovely lady would be my mom!  She first went to Disneyland back in the late 60's.  My mom absolutely loves Elvis and all things 50's/60's.  She has supported my Disney obsession since I can remember and I am SO thankful for her.  She's crazy and silly and that's why we love her.

Diane - This is my husband's mom.  Diane has worked for the city for many years.  When she's not cooking awesome food she is entertaining 5 cats.  I could not be more excited because this will be Diane's first trip to Walt Disney World!  Note:  I still need to insert a picture of Diane here.  The only ones I have on my computer (oddly enough) are of her in her swimsuit.  Haha!


When: October 9-16, 2010
Resort: Polynesian Resort
Package: Magic Your Way Plus Park Hoppers, No Disney Dining Plan

Saturday, October 9 - MK

Sunday, October 10 - DHS 'Ohana 8:50 p.m.

Monday, October 11 - EP Biergarten 12:30 p.m.

Tuesday, October 12 - AK Spa @ 3:30 p.m. La Nouba @ 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, October 13 - DHS - American Idol Experience Day

Thursday, October 14 - Water Park (not sure which one yet)

Friday, October 15 - MK  La Hacienda @ 8:15 p.m.

Saturday, October 16 - Kona Cafe 8:45 a.m. Depart from Orlando Airport around 3:00 p.m
Note:  Parks listed for each day is not where we will stay the entire day, it is simply where we will start our morning.

We have decided that since we aren't on the DDP this trip (sadly) we are going to use Garden Grocer for the first time.  It's going to get expensive buying bottles of water all of the time so I think getting a big case of it from Garden Grocer is our best bet. 

Obviously, I'm planning on participating in American Idol Experience at the Studios again.  I did it a year ago and had a blast.  I'm still deciding on the songs I'd like to sing should I make it to the stage.  I have the top three picked out right now which I will share with all of you very soon.  Promise!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Counting Down The Days

Back in April I blogged about the things that I've never done in Walt Disney World that I have always wanted to do.  I think with my vacation being 18 days away, I should bring up this topic away.  This time, confirming the things that I know for a fact I will be doing.

Ever since I went to Disney World as a teenager I've had a love for the Polynesian Resort.  I'm used to staying at Pop Century (and once at Caribbean Beach) so this is definitely an amazing upgrade for family and I.  I can't believe that I get to check-in at that resort.  In that lobby.  Getting those beautiful leis.  Walking into that huge room.  Roaming that white sandy beach.  Swimming in that spectacular volcano pool!  I'm pretty sure someone is going to have to pinch me. 

The prize that I won from Orbitz doesn't just include airfare, park tickets, and a resort stay, but also lots of fun extras that I've never done before.  I have a spa appointment at the Grand Floridian for a massage!  It should be really fun to go there and enjoy the hot tub before getting a Swedish Massage.  This won't just be my first massage at Disney World but my first professional massage EVER!  On top of the massage, we have tickets the same night to go see Cirque Du Soleil at Downtown Disney's West Side.  My family and I have wanted to see La Nouba for years and years.  Tickets are crazy expensive and with a Disney vacation costing an arm and a leg we don't ever find the extra money to go see a show.  Now, we're living yet another dream!

Despite the handful of closures that are occuring when we will be in WDW, there is one new thing that I couldn't be more excited for... Captain EO!  Michael Jackson is going to take us to a world of music and color and I'm happily going along.  If you're one of my long time readers, you might remember that I have a fear of Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.  So, it's obviously no loss in my book that they "temporarily" replaced it with Captain EO. 

Going off topic, I found out that an old co-worker of mine from the library is getting married at the Polynesian at the same time that we are going to be down there!  Our vacations are over the exact week as well.  The world can be so small sometimes I swear.  We plan on meeting up at some point with Aaron and his soon to be wife (who happened to graduate with my husband) when we are down there.  For some reason, Aaron and I never talked about Disney World when we worked together.  He's enough of a Disney fan that I can use Disney lingo and he gets exactly what I'm talking about.  Ya know, like... "We have an 8:00 p.m. ADR at Le Cellier so we're going to the TTC to catch the monorail to EP.  We'll probably go to MK and hit up TTA, SM, and CoP before that though."

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Power

People often ask how to maximize their Disney trips and avoid the common pitfalls that could make or break a vacation.  My response is often fairly simple.  Do plenty enough research ahead of time and you'll be just fine!  Don't have the time to sit down and read countless guidebooks and a zillion Disney forums?  No problem!  I've got my basic tips right here. 

The Power Of... A Nap
This is one you all have got to trust me on.  I don't care if you have kids or if you don't... we all need a little down time.  Even if you aren't very good at sleeping during the day, at least have some quiet time around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  Relax by the pool, enjoy a long meal, go to the spa.... anything that gets your away from the hustle and bustle of the parks for at least an hour.  It's so much easier to stay up late and enjoy the evening activities.  Take my word for it.  Your body and mind will thank you.

The Power Of... Touring Plans
If you're not aware, I'm a huge fan of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.  The authors stress the importance of having a game plan and I totally agree with them 100%. 

I've heard of people coming back from a vacation to WDW and saying they barely got to ride anything.  Not only that, but their trip was in January.  Okay, that's during the slow season.  The only thing I could come up with is that they entered the parks at 11 a.m. and went to attractions like the TTA first.  *shakes head*

I'm not saying that you need a printed touring plan because if you've been to WDW before, you probably can do without.  All I'm saying is having a game plan going into your vacation.  At each park, know what attractions you should hit first thing.  Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again... get to the parks at opening!  You may need a break mid-afternoon but that's okay.  Isn't that where that awesome nap could come in handy?  ;)

The Power Of... Good Shoes
Everyone has their own idea of "good park shoes" but it might be wise to take a good look at your options.  I personally am a fan of Crocs.  I personally do not like the basic "Beach" style but I do like the "Mary Janes" and the basic flats.  Crocs are well cushioned and provide nice support.  They also breathe well if you get them a size bigger.  Crocs should not be tight anywhere but also should not be falling off.  Make sure to try them on before you just order them. 

If you like tennis shoes, make sure you're taking them properly broken in.  Don't buy a pair 2 days before you leave and then assume they will feel alright on your feet.  You're going to need some good Moleskin at that point.  Boy will you be sorry.

Okay folks, you got it?!  Take naps, have a plan of attack, and wear good shoes.  Geez, you'd think you were going in the Army, huh? 

Friday, September 17, 2010

WDW Mama Wannabe

This morning I was doing my usual Disney website browsing and saw a little banner for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel.  They are looking for new recruits for 2011.  Out of curiosity I clicked on the banner.  Then I used the power of Goggle to find out what qualifies you suitable for the Moms Panel.  To my surprise, I found out that you don't HAVE to be a parent in order to be a member of the panel. 

With much hope of some pixie dust I filled out the 3 part applications and clicked send.

There have not been any women or men (yes, men) chosen as of yet that are not parents.  But, there is always a first and I am a firm believer that if you can dream it you can do it.

I would seriously be an awesome candidate for the Moms Panel.  For those of you who aren't in the know, the Moms Panel is a Disney operated group of people who are experts on all things Disney.  The panel members are chosen at the end of every year and not many people make it out of 20,000 applicants.  These chosen folks don't work for the Disney company but they do, in a way, represent it.  They answer questions on the Moms Panel website that folks all around the world ask in preperation for their upcoming trips to WDW.  Obviously the members of the panel need to be very factual, personable, and have a decent writing style.  It's an honor to be chosen.

The deadline for applications is tonight right before midnight and then there are a few more rounds before they choose the 2011 panelists. 

Maybe nothing will come of it but I think it would be awesome for me to be the first non-mom on the Moms Panel!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I asked a friend today to inspire me for my blog.  He told me that I should write about my top 3 favorite places to eat at each park.  I decided to take that idea and expand it.  Not only am I covering all 4 main theme parks but also Downtown Disney and the WDW resorts.  Since we all know that some theme parks don't have many table service restaurants to shout about *cough* Magic Kingdom *cough* list also includes counter service restaurants and eateries that specialize in snacks and sweets.

Magic Kingdom
1. Aloha Isle
2. Columbia Harbour House
3. Main Street Bakery

If any one of my readers has had a dole whip float you will know why I put Aloha Isle at the top of my MK list.  It's simply the best snack on Disney property.  I LOVE Columbia Harbour House for their more health concious options.  The Lighthouse Sandwich is magical.  There is a special place in my heart for Main Street Bakery as well.  Lots of goodies for breakfast and for a sweet treat.

1. Le Cellier
2. Tangerine Cafe
3. Biergarten

Le Cellier is not a place that is just hype.  They back up that hype with amazing food and great service.  Both meals I've had there were probably two of the best meals I've had in all of my 22 years.  Of all of the counter service in Walt Disney World I find Tangerine Cafe to be the most outstanding.  It's a great value and the unique food provides a nice break from the typical burger and fries.  Placing a restaurant in the number 3 spot was hard.  I happen to love dining at Epcot and a few others places (Coral Reef, Sunshine Seasons) fought hard but in the end Biergarten beat them out.  My first visit to Biergarten was quite unremarkable back in 2005.  Luckily I gave it another shot last October and I'm SO glad that I did!  It's an experience that provides entertainment and unique a unique meal.

Hollywood Studios
1. Mama Melrose
2. Starring Rolls
3. Studio Catering Company

The Studios isn't known for their fantastic food.  It's obvious.  My theme of my list seems to be, "Do I have to pick?"  I've had one great meal at Mama Melrose and one not so wonderful meal.  Still, it's the most appetizing table service I've had at DHS so I went with that.  Starring Rolls is amazing for it's dessert variety.  If you're a sweet tooth, check out the selection online so you can see if something there peaks your interest.  Lastly, Studio Catering Company has a really delicious salad and vegetable sandwich that I enjoy.  It's hot as sin to have to sit outside in no A/C though.

Animal Kingdom
1. Tusker House (dinner)
2. Yak & Yeti (counter service)
3. Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery

Being a vegetarian, Animal Kingdom isn't the best park for me to find delicious eats.  Still, Tusker House takes the cake as one of my favorite vegetarian friendly meals in all of WDW.  The lunch/dinner buffet is outstanding and has the best selection.  I'm not so sure that Yak & Yeti still has the Shrimp Lo Mein but two years ago they did and I loved it.  It was so much that I could have taken the rest back to the room and ate it for dinner.  Great value!  Kusafiri Coffee Shop isn't a place I've actually been to but I ran out of places I've eaten at so I decided on it simply because of the snack selection.  A white elephant cupcake?!  Yes, please!

1. 'Ohana
2. Cape May Cafe
3. Kona Cafe

For years I have shouted to the rooftops about 'Ohana.  It's a really fun meal and is great for couples and families.  Tons of food and while the quality may lack here or there in general it's wonderful.  Sadly, my man Chef TJ is gone so I can't speak for how the food is going to be now.  Cape May Cafe was one of the first places I ever ate at in WDW.  While the atmosphere isn't anything special, the food is really good for someone who doesn't get seafood a lot.  I can't speak for Kona Cafe's dinner but I LOVE their breakfast.  I love me some Tonga Toast!

Downtown Disney
1. Earl of Sandwich
2. Raglan Road
3. Ghiradelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

Earl of Sandwich is one of my favorite counter service restaurants!  You have such a variety to choose from and it is more healthy than most other counter service restaurants.  I personally love the Caprese wrap!  I'm a fan of Raglan Road because it's a very large restaurant and has great entertainment.  The food is also really authentic Irish grub and it is YUMMY!  Now, I have to admit I've never been to the Ghiradelli place in DTD but I have been to the one in Chicago and it's awesome.  If you're an ice cream fan then Ghiradelli is a must-do. 

Now that I've shared with you my favorite places to eat in WDW, what are yours?!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

La Hacienda de San Angel

Epcot has a new restaurant that opens this week called La Hacienda de San Angel.  As you might guess it's located in the Mexico pavillion in the World Showcase.  The restaurant sits right beside the water and provides a great view to watch Illuminations while dining outdoors or indoors.  During lunch the restaurant is open for counter service meals and for dinner it's transformed into a table service eatery.

Reservations can be made as of today for dates October 15 and on.  I was able to snag an October 15th reservation at 8:15 p.m.  Just in time for Illuminations!  Hopefully we keep this reservation and enjoy our visit there.  I've wanted to try La Hacienda since I first heard about it. 

Here is the link to photos of the restaurant and a few menu items from Orlando Sentinel.

In other Disney trip news... my mom got a new camera!  Almost two weeks ago she asked me to come over and help her pick out a new digital camera.  Her old one is a Fuji and is a true piece of junk.  It shuts off on it's own and has a terrible battery life.  After doing some searching for deals I found a good bundle on a Canon.  It is fairly basic (which is all she needs) but with more bells and whistles than what she is used to.  She got a memory card, camera bag, and a small tripod in the bundle.  I'm sure i'll end up using the tripod more than she will.  : ) 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

25 Days To Go!

The date is slowly creeping closer.  It's all setting in more and more every day.  Focusing at work is becoming difficult.  :)

I got an e-mail from Erin from Orbitz and she was able to snag our reservation number.  After looking our reservation up on Disney World's website I saw that we have a lagoon view at the Polynesian Resort!  Yay!  There is a chance that with any given lagoon view that you can see part of the Magic Kingdom (Space Mountain, Cindy's Castle) but with a slightly obstructed view.  Maybe a tree in the way or something like that.  Either way, we'll be seeing water and probably one of the other resorts out our window.

Since we know for sure now that we aren't Club Level we're going to go ahead and use Garden Grocer to get some snacks and water.  I'll probably start making out the list in a few weeks and place my order shortly thereafter.  I'm thinking that I will inquire with the front desk about the availability in Club Level when we check-in.  The difference a night will be around $40 which comes out to be $320 for eight nights.  They often can give you a special discounted rate for upgrading.  I'd lose my lagoon view and go garden view just to have access to the Club Level lounge.  Those additional snacks and drinks would save us some money on breakfast and possibly lunch or dinner. 

Walgreens sells Disney gift cards and I am thinking of loading one up with a couple of hundred bucks before we leave.  It would be nice to not have to keep paying with cash or our debit card for everything.  Dealing with balancing all of that would be a headache for me and I'd like to make it as stress-free as possible. 

I've also decided to cancel our Cape May Cafe reservation.  The price of the buffet as gone up to $35 per person and I just don't see us wanting to spend that (especially when they got rid of the oysters).  Sure, they added crab legs to the buffet but that doesn't justify the cost in my book.  We may replace that reservation with dinner at the new restaurant in Mexico that opens this week.  Once I look at the full menu I will decide.

If you follow me on Twitter (Stacey87) you may have seen my tweet the other night that I had picked my American Idol Experience song.  I did!  That is, up until I realized that the song that I chose isn't the song that I was thinking it was.  When I read the list the first time I saw that "Love Song" was listed under "Pop/Rock."  I assumed it was "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles.  After looking at the list again I noticed that it was listed under "Pop/Rock Ballads" and not "Up Tempo."  It couldn't possibly be the same song since Sara's song is fast.  Bummer.  Now I am back to square one.  Let me just say... The AIE list sucks.  : )

Monday, September 6, 2010

How It All Started

Everyone seems to have a different story when it comes to how they got into the Disney parks.  My story dates back to when I was a young child.

As many young kids, I grew up watching Disney films.  My 4th birthday was The Little Mermaid based.  I had a cake with Ariel and Flounder!  By the time I was 8 I was really into Pochohantas.  My birthday present was my whole room being decorated with my new favorite Disney girl.  Fast forward to me being 11 years old and I took a strong liking to Pooh and friends.  It seemed to be the trend.  So, again, my bed spread changed and I slept with Pooh by my side. 

My dad got cancer when I was 5.  I remember that he always said he wanted two things for me.... to get me a pony and get me to Walt Disney World.  I have very few memories of my dad but this wish of my dads stuck in my head.  My dad passed away right before I turned 7... before he ever got to take me to Disney World. 

My mom saved up money for the next 3 years and when I was in the 4th grade we took the trip of a lifetime.  I couldn't believe I was actually seeing THE CASTLE ... IN PERSON!  The whole trip was so memorable and made such an impression on me.  On the plane ride home I remember holding my moms hand crying saying that my wish finally came true and that I was sure that I would die on the plane (no, I'm not kidding... I whole heartedly believed this).  For some reason I was just convinced that God was like, "Your dream came true.  Time to die."  Totally morbid, I know.  But, luckily, the plane didn't crash and we made it home in one piece.

My mom then saved up enough for us to go again when I was 12.  By the time I was 14 my love for Disney World was so strong.  I went on two youth group type trips my freshman and sophomore year of high school to Florida.  While EVERYONE went to Universal Studios (included in the price of the trip), I paid $25 extra to go to Magic Kingdom for one day.  Yeah... just me and a few exchange students that I didn't know.  Ha! 

Since those high school trips I've been to WDW every single year at least once.  I've expanded on my knowledge of the parks and of the company.  It has given me so much joy to learn so much.  I'll probably never find a hobby that I love as much as Disney.  It gives me a feeling that no other place or person can come close to.  When I am at Disney World it's like I am the person that I want to be all of the time.  Even the worst things imagineable somehow don't seem so bad.  It really is the place where dreams can come true.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Special Delivery!!

Today while I was at work Matt called me to let me know that we got our Disney's Magical Express packet in the mail! 

He brought it out to me and I can't even tell you how excited I was to see the papers in person.  Seeing the luggage tags that read "Polynesian" with all of our names on them just made me the happiest person in the world.  It's finally setting in.  Really really.  We're actually going in 34 days!