Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Counting Down The Days

Back in April I blogged about the things that I've never done in Walt Disney World that I have always wanted to do.  I think with my vacation being 18 days away, I should bring up this topic away.  This time, confirming the things that I know for a fact I will be doing.

Ever since I went to Disney World as a teenager I've had a love for the Polynesian Resort.  I'm used to staying at Pop Century (and once at Caribbean Beach) so this is definitely an amazing upgrade for family and I.  I can't believe that I get to check-in at that resort.  In that lobby.  Getting those beautiful leis.  Walking into that huge room.  Roaming that white sandy beach.  Swimming in that spectacular volcano pool!  I'm pretty sure someone is going to have to pinch me. 

The prize that I won from Orbitz doesn't just include airfare, park tickets, and a resort stay, but also lots of fun extras that I've never done before.  I have a spa appointment at the Grand Floridian for a massage!  It should be really fun to go there and enjoy the hot tub before getting a Swedish Massage.  This won't just be my first massage at Disney World but my first professional massage EVER!  On top of the massage, we have tickets the same night to go see Cirque Du Soleil at Downtown Disney's West Side.  My family and I have wanted to see La Nouba for years and years.  Tickets are crazy expensive and with a Disney vacation costing an arm and a leg we don't ever find the extra money to go see a show.  Now, we're living yet another dream!

Despite the handful of closures that are occuring when we will be in WDW, there is one new thing that I couldn't be more excited for... Captain EO!  Michael Jackson is going to take us to a world of music and color and I'm happily going along.  If you're one of my long time readers, you might remember that I have a fear of Honey, I Shrunk the Audience.  So, it's obviously no loss in my book that they "temporarily" replaced it with Captain EO. 

Going off topic, I found out that an old co-worker of mine from the library is getting married at the Polynesian at the same time that we are going to be down there!  Our vacations are over the exact week as well.  The world can be so small sometimes I swear.  We plan on meeting up at some point with Aaron and his soon to be wife (who happened to graduate with my husband) when we are down there.  For some reason, Aaron and I never talked about Disney World when we worked together.  He's enough of a Disney fan that I can use Disney lingo and he gets exactly what I'm talking about.  Ya know, like... "We have an 8:00 p.m. ADR at Le Cellier so we're going to the TTC to catch the monorail to EP.  We'll probably go to MK and hit up TTA, SM, and CoP before that though."


  1. Sometimes the acronym talk on message boards drives me nuts. I didn't realize people actually TALKED like that too! Crazy.

    Have you seen Captain EO before? I haven't seen it since I was a kid so we'll definitely be checking it out at Disneyland next week.

  2. The only acronym I actually say out loud is "TTA or TTC." But when I type stuff out to folks that already know what it all means I just use the acronyms.

    I've NEVER seen Captain EO... not enough on YouTube. I won't let myself look it up. Boy am I excited :) I can't wait for you to go on your trip, Jill!

  3. The only thing I remember about Captain EO is that there was a weird little orange creature and the 3D hurt my eyes....haha.

  4. I'm a fairly recent follower to your blog, so I had no idea that your upcoming trip to WDW and stay at the Polynesian was won in contest (went back and read the post of when you won.) Congratulations to you and your family. Dreams do indeed come true.