Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Today, while shopping for a Thanksgiving meal for two, it dawned on me that while nothing is traditional or familiar this holiday season, I still have so much to be thankful for.

I have talked about this dream of mine since I was very young. I've told countless people how badly I wanted to work for Disney. More often than not, I was met with eye rolls and negativity. Where I'm from, it's just not a realistic life goal. Still, that never ever stopped me from talking about it. Knowing most people would think I'm silly, I'd always courageously express one thing… that this gut feeling of what I should be doing with my life just wouldn't go away. That I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would be so good at this job. It's the one thing I have never questioned in my life. The only thing I have confidently believed to be true. 

I've been telling my "story" a lot recently to co-workers and others I've encountered through my job. The more I tell it, the more I realize that my journey is a miraculous one. So many people in this world talk of their dreams, but so few of them actually have those dreams become reality. I'm one of those few that made it happen. There's no possible way I could express how thankful I am.

Another thing I am grateful for is family and friends that supported me all along and never doubted my ability to see this dream through. Conversations I've had with my greatest supporters are the conversations that I still remember vividly. I allowed myself to not take to heart the negativity that I'd encounter. I can't wait to make my encouragers even more proud as I continue on this journey.

Speaking of which… I'm looking forward to all of the opportunities available to me with the Disney. There's so much more I can do! I never really knew what it was like to want to "do more" and take advantage of opportunities with my previous jobs. With Disney, I frequently imagine all of the new challenges and fun experiences that await me. I suppose that it just takes some strong will and passion for what you do to pursue all of the possibilities in front of you.

I'm incredibly thankful for the Disney guests that I've met from all around the world and from all different walks of life. I get to hear guest's stories of how much Disney means to them. I get to share my passion for the company through my job. As much as I feel like I get to give to others, I feel like I receive so much more. 

This year has been the craziest time of my entire 26 year existence, and it isn't even over yet. I'll continue to be a dreamer and overcome anything challenging that's thrown my way. Without the difficulties, I would never know how to cherish all the little things in my life.