Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Planning Binder

Since 2007 I have kept a Disney planning binder.  As my trip gets closer I add and edit things inside.  I use sheet protectors so everything stays nice and neat.  This binder stays by my side until we get into our room at the resort.  I wrote a blog about my binder a while back.  This is what my binder right now contains. 

I have my Garden Grocery list and packing list in the binder right now but those will be taken out when I'm done with them.  I include my day itinerary that includes our chosen parks and dining reservation confirmation numbers.  You'll notice that the page protector is all crinkled. That's because when we are in the parks, I take that page out, fold it up, and put it in my bag.  It's gotten a few years of use.  Haha.

On top of this, I keep a schedule of the park hours, extra magic hours, and parade/show times.  No picture necessary because it's too fine of print and you won't be able to read it anyway.  In the back of my binder I keep a letter Matt wrote me back in 2008 before my first mother/daughter trip with my mom.  I was nervous about having to be in charge and having to go somewhere without Matt.  He called me "Rudy" because of the movie character.  Which happens to be one of my favorite movies.  :)  I love carrying that letter because he says some very sweet things in it.

9 days to go!  C'mon!!!!!