Friday, July 27, 2012

Holy Crap!

I haven't been in hiding or anything but I have been away from Blogger for quite some time simply because I've been so busy with other things and me blabbing about Disney nonsense is simply on the backburner.  I could update you on all the things in my personal life but, let's face it, that's horrifically boring.  However, I will tell you that I've been keeping very busy writing about Disney World still over at the blog.  This past month, I've had overwhelmingly awesome responses to my posts and it keeps me motivated to write more. 

Over here on my "confessions" blog, I believe I left off somewhere around me leaving for a WDW trip for my birthday in April.  Yeah!  I did that and it was awesome!  Mom and I had a lot of fun touring the parks and eating at awesome places on property.  We stayed at All-Star Sports and had a decent experience.  It was pretty good other than the noise level in our "Football" section and the really bad food court.  My friends threw me a birthday party at Sanaa which was a highlight of my trip.  I was insanely overwhelmed the whole time since no one EVER throws parties for me.  While I grew up loving being in the spotlight, I've definitely come to realize that I enjoy keeping to myself a bit more as I grow older.  It's funny what we learn about ourselves as we mature and evolve. 

In exactly (how on, let me count) ...40 more days I'll be going down to WDW for my third trip this year.  Three trips in one year is a record for me!  As some of you may remember, I took my first solo trip to WDW in January and had the time of my life.  Honestly.  I can't explain how perfect that trip was.  It was so wonderful that I've decided to do it again.

WHEN: September 6th-9th - I'm leaving early in the morning out of Chicago Midway Airport with a non-stop flight to Orlando International.  When I leave Orlando, I'll take a 6pm flight out and have a short layover in Baltimore before finishing my trip in Grand Rapids, MI.
WHY: Solo trip round two!  Some other folks will be vacationing around the same time as me as well so it'll be fun to meet some of them for the first time.  Also, my friends, the Robbins family, will be there so I'll get to see them!
WHERE: All-Star Music Resort - I have never stayed here before.  With my Annual Passholder discount, I could have chosen All-Star Sports or Music and after looking at the Broadway section online, I knew I had to give All-Star Music a shot.

Here's the trippy thing about this vacation... I'm not planning a thing.  No, really.  Super anal planner Stacey is cooling her jets.  I'm basically forced to not plan anything because there are a lot of people that I want to meet up with when I'm down there and it's going to be impossible to know a schedule for things like that.  I don't have a dining reservation anywhere and I'm not doing day plans like I usually do.  I'll simply wake up and go wherever I want.  Most likely, I'll be taking advantage of Extra Magic Hours where I can since I'll only be there for less than 4 full days. 

What I'm a little nervous about is forcing myself to not ride EVERYTHING that I like.  I'm really not sure how people that live down there do it.  I feel like I still have that little trigger in my brain that tells me that I need to do everything and see everything even though I've already probably done it in the past year.  For some reason, I have this thought in the back of my head that every trip to WDW could be my last and I need to make sure I get the most out of it when I'm there.  It's crazy.  I know.  On my last solo trip, I had this big idea of touring all around the Epcot resorts and taking pictures.  I didn't even set foot inside one of thos resorts!  I was too busy in the parks.  This time, I really need to just do what I want and not feel forced to ride things out of obligation because I'm walking by them.

I have two goals to accomplish before I leave for Disney in September.  Ready to hear them?  Okay, the first is to lose 10 pounds.  I really just want to feel better in my clothes and in my own skin and I figure that no motivation is as good as Disney World.  My second goal is one I've already started working on.  I want to learn the words to "Canada, You're a Lifetime Journey" from the Circle-Vision film in Canada at Epcot.  I LOVE this show and this song.  I've known the English lyrics for the longest time but I always stumble on the French part... even though I took a few years of French in high school.  I can do the majority of the French lyrics flawlessly but I still have a few lines that I slip up on.  I should record myself lip syncing the words when I'm actually watching the movie in Epcot.  Ha!  That'd be hilarious proof that I did it.

That's enough of me yapping.  Have an awesome day!