Tuesday, September 14, 2010

25 Days To Go!

The date is slowly creeping closer.  It's all setting in more and more every day.  Focusing at work is becoming difficult.  :)

I got an e-mail from Erin from Orbitz and she was able to snag our reservation number.  After looking our reservation up on Disney World's website I saw that we have a lagoon view at the Polynesian Resort!  Yay!  There is a chance that with any given lagoon view that you can see part of the Magic Kingdom (Space Mountain, Cindy's Castle) but with a slightly obstructed view.  Maybe a tree in the way or something like that.  Either way, we'll be seeing water and probably one of the other resorts out our window.

Since we know for sure now that we aren't Club Level we're going to go ahead and use Garden Grocer to get some snacks and water.  I'll probably start making out the list in a few weeks and place my order shortly thereafter.  I'm thinking that I will inquire with the front desk about the availability in Club Level when we check-in.  The difference a night will be around $40 which comes out to be $320 for eight nights.  They often can give you a special discounted rate for upgrading.  I'd lose my lagoon view and go garden view just to have access to the Club Level lounge.  Those additional snacks and drinks would save us some money on breakfast and possibly lunch or dinner. 

Walgreens sells Disney gift cards and I am thinking of loading one up with a couple of hundred bucks before we leave.  It would be nice to not have to keep paying with cash or our debit card for everything.  Dealing with balancing all of that would be a headache for me and I'd like to make it as stress-free as possible. 

I've also decided to cancel our Cape May Cafe reservation.  The price of the buffet as gone up to $35 per person and I just don't see us wanting to spend that (especially when they got rid of the oysters).  Sure, they added crab legs to the buffet but that doesn't justify the cost in my book.  We may replace that reservation with dinner at the new restaurant in Mexico that opens this week.  Once I look at the full menu I will decide.

If you follow me on Twitter (Stacey87) you may have seen my tweet the other night that I had picked my American Idol Experience song.  I did!  That is, up until I realized that the song that I chose isn't the song that I was thinking it was.  When I read the list the first time I saw that "Love Song" was listed under "Pop/Rock."  I assumed it was "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles.  After looking at the list again I noticed that it was listed under "Pop/Rock Ballads" and not "Up Tempo."  It couldn't possibly be the same song since Sara's song is fast.  Bummer.  Now I am back to square one.  Let me just say... The AIE list sucks.  : )


  1. I feel like I was just at the 25 day mark and now I'm at 11! Eek!!

    I'm excited for you guys to be at the Polynesian. How will you ever go back to staying at a value resort after this? Haha!

    I wonder if the song listed is the one by The Cure. I love that song!

  2. 11 days?! Oh my gosh! I remember saying you were like 50 days out! Haha! I can't wait to hear about your trip!

    I love Pop Century so I'm thinking that it won't be TOO hard to go back to it. I've accepted that this is a once in a lifetime type trip. If we do a deluxe again it will be because I either A) won it ... B) we fell into a lot of money or ... C) we retire rich and finally get to stay there again when we are like 70. Someday I'd like to stay at the Boardwalk but only if I have a balcony that hangs over the boardwalk itself. Yeah, I'm picky like that.

    I'm gonna look up the one by The Cure now!

  3. I was trying to look up the "Love Song" you mentioned but youtube isn't being cooperative right now for me.

    I LOVED Port Orleans Riverside so I hope to stay there again some day (thankfully it's not too expensive really.) But I also really liked Pop Century too. More than I thought I would even. My "dream" resort at WDW is probably Wilderness Lodge. And as dorky as it sounds, if we ever have a camper/RV some day, I think Ft. Wilderness looks awesome.

  4. Oh...and for our trip, I'm hoping to put up more facebook/twitter photos while we're there than I did while we were at WDW.

    Will you be doing any 'live' updates this time?

  5. I would love to do the camping thing at Ft. Wilderness too. That would be fun.

    Glad you are gonna do live updates this time, Jill! I love those! It's like I'm right there too. I'll totally be doing live updates. I'm excited because my new phone has some awesome photo features. The only downside is that my battery drains pretty quickly so I have to use it wisely.

  6. I thought I was doing a lot while we were at WDW but when I got home and looked I realized I didn't actually send all that many. So hopefully this time I'll remember to do more. I do feel like a nerd on my cell phone while at Disneyland though.

  7. I felt like I was doing a lot as well. Then I got home and saw like 10 pictures... not so bad. I figure, if my friends don't want to see my Disney pictures they can either ignore me or unfollow me on Twitter. No loss to me. Disney is what makes me happy :)

  8. My cousin deleted Graham and I from his facebook friends list a week or so ago because we "update too much" and our updates were making it hard for him to keep up with other people. WTF?! I don't even think I update my facebook that much. It annoyed me.

    So did you listen to Lovesong by The Cure? What did you think of it?