Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Of The Day!

In May of 2007, my husband Matt and I honeymooned in Walt Disney World.  This was during the Year Of A Million Years promotion.  Hands down the best promotion Disney could have come up with.

One morning, Matt and I got to Disney's Hollywood Studios (then MGM) mega early.  About 45 minutes before the park was set to open a Cast Member from Guest Relations came by and chatted with us for a minute and then asked us if we'd like to help open the park.  Of course we said, "YES!"

Going into an empty park and walking around was really beyond words.  The CM was wonderful.  She brought us whatever snacks and drinks we wanted while we waited for the 'show' to begin.  Eventually the crowd was led up to the rope.  The amazing Rosie came out and hammed it up with the crowd patiently waiting to get inside of the park.  Then Rosie came over to us and made a huge deal out of us being on our honeymoon.  She made us kiss and then she kissed Matt!!  It was spectacular. 

After being a part of the park opening we were whisked away in a car back to Tower of Terror where we were told we would get to ride all by ourselves in our own elevator.  Except, when we walked into the pre-show room, there were a few other CMs standing there smiling.  After the pre-show we stood in the dark with them for quite a while.  Things were getting awkward.  As soon as the lights turned back on, a male CM beside me said that in honor of our honeymoon and of the Year Of A Million Dreams, he was rewarding us with Dream Fastpasses!

The rest of the day was really awesome and we felt very blessed to get to help open the park. 

Here is the video of the whole experience!  Enjoy folks!

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  1. Hi Stacey! I read a few of your recent posts and then decided I had to read your blog from the beginning. So I was going to wait until I caught up on your blog but after reading this entry I can't help myself but comment. First of all, thank you so much for sharing your trip tips and Disney magic! I also follow you on Instagram so I know the magic you've been getting into lately. You're living one of my dreams! I can relate so much to your blog so far, I've grown up in a very similar way (but with Disneyland). I had to comment on this entry because I have such a similar story! My husband and I honeymooned in WDW (both of our first times there, his first time in ANY Disney park!) in 2013 and while we didn't get to open the park or get dream fastpasses, we did have a fun interaction with a cast member (a crazy bellhop) that landed us with our own elevator to ride on ToT and special seats for Fantasmic! I was already relating to your blog so much that when I read your story I just had to share! (even if it is years later) I'm having tons of fun reading your old entries and I'm dying to read your newest post but I'm making myself wait till I've caught up! (sorry this comment is so long!) Happy New Year!!