Thursday, September 16, 2010


I asked a friend today to inspire me for my blog.  He told me that I should write about my top 3 favorite places to eat at each park.  I decided to take that idea and expand it.  Not only am I covering all 4 main theme parks but also Downtown Disney and the WDW resorts.  Since we all know that some theme parks don't have many table service restaurants to shout about *cough* Magic Kingdom *cough* list also includes counter service restaurants and eateries that specialize in snacks and sweets.

Magic Kingdom
1. Aloha Isle
2. Columbia Harbour House
3. Main Street Bakery

If any one of my readers has had a dole whip float you will know why I put Aloha Isle at the top of my MK list.  It's simply the best snack on Disney property.  I LOVE Columbia Harbour House for their more health concious options.  The Lighthouse Sandwich is magical.  There is a special place in my heart for Main Street Bakery as well.  Lots of goodies for breakfast and for a sweet treat.

1. Le Cellier
2. Tangerine Cafe
3. Biergarten

Le Cellier is not a place that is just hype.  They back up that hype with amazing food and great service.  Both meals I've had there were probably two of the best meals I've had in all of my 22 years.  Of all of the counter service in Walt Disney World I find Tangerine Cafe to be the most outstanding.  It's a great value and the unique food provides a nice break from the typical burger and fries.  Placing a restaurant in the number 3 spot was hard.  I happen to love dining at Epcot and a few others places (Coral Reef, Sunshine Seasons) fought hard but in the end Biergarten beat them out.  My first visit to Biergarten was quite unremarkable back in 2005.  Luckily I gave it another shot last October and I'm SO glad that I did!  It's an experience that provides entertainment and unique a unique meal.

Hollywood Studios
1. Mama Melrose
2. Starring Rolls
3. Studio Catering Company

The Studios isn't known for their fantastic food.  It's obvious.  My theme of my list seems to be, "Do I have to pick?"  I've had one great meal at Mama Melrose and one not so wonderful meal.  Still, it's the most appetizing table service I've had at DHS so I went with that.  Starring Rolls is amazing for it's dessert variety.  If you're a sweet tooth, check out the selection online so you can see if something there peaks your interest.  Lastly, Studio Catering Company has a really delicious salad and vegetable sandwich that I enjoy.  It's hot as sin to have to sit outside in no A/C though.

Animal Kingdom
1. Tusker House (dinner)
2. Yak & Yeti (counter service)
3. Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery

Being a vegetarian, Animal Kingdom isn't the best park for me to find delicious eats.  Still, Tusker House takes the cake as one of my favorite vegetarian friendly meals in all of WDW.  The lunch/dinner buffet is outstanding and has the best selection.  I'm not so sure that Yak & Yeti still has the Shrimp Lo Mein but two years ago they did and I loved it.  It was so much that I could have taken the rest back to the room and ate it for dinner.  Great value!  Kusafiri Coffee Shop isn't a place I've actually been to but I ran out of places I've eaten at so I decided on it simply because of the snack selection.  A white elephant cupcake?!  Yes, please!

1. 'Ohana
2. Cape May Cafe
3. Kona Cafe

For years I have shouted to the rooftops about 'Ohana.  It's a really fun meal and is great for couples and families.  Tons of food and while the quality may lack here or there in general it's wonderful.  Sadly, my man Chef TJ is gone so I can't speak for how the food is going to be now.  Cape May Cafe was one of the first places I ever ate at in WDW.  While the atmosphere isn't anything special, the food is really good for someone who doesn't get seafood a lot.  I can't speak for Kona Cafe's dinner but I LOVE their breakfast.  I love me some Tonga Toast!

Downtown Disney
1. Earl of Sandwich
2. Raglan Road
3. Ghiradelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

Earl of Sandwich is one of my favorite counter service restaurants!  You have such a variety to choose from and it is more healthy than most other counter service restaurants.  I personally love the Caprese wrap!  I'm a fan of Raglan Road because it's a very large restaurant and has great entertainment.  The food is also really authentic Irish grub and it is YUMMY!  Now, I have to admit I've never been to the Ghiradelli place in DTD but I have been to the one in Chicago and it's awesome.  If you're an ice cream fan then Ghiradelli is a must-do. 

Now that I've shared with you my favorite places to eat in WDW, what are yours?!


  1. For me - Restaurant Marrakesh.

    That's it. Nowhere else to write home about.

  2. You've only been to two TS meals, Jill! haha! :) Try more... you might like Tusker House or Boma if you like Marrakesh!