Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Disney Dooney & Bourke... That I like?!

I love the idea of designer Disney purses.  Sure, I don't buy non-Disney designer purses but that's not to say that I wouldn't... someday... when I have more money to just blow.  Ha!

Dooney & Bourke has teamed up with Disney for a while now and made some very popular bags.  I haven't found any of them my style... until now.  The messenger bag was made for Disneyland's 55th anniversary celebration.  The colors are muted and none are loud and bright.  On the design pattern you'll find a sketch of Main Street U.S.A. and quite a few "Mickey" based icons.  Disney Store is selling the bag for $265.00.  Far too steep for me but... if any of you would like a gift idea for me... here it is.  :p

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Future

It's my desire to stay on "Disney target" with this blog but I feel the need to touch on a dash of my personal life as well.  I haven't even signed onto Blogger in a month and I'm really not sure why.  There have been plenty of things to write about.  In fact, I have a list of ideas that I constantly add to.  About a month or so ago, before my husband and I went on vacation to New York, we had a long discussion about moving to Florida.

Since I can remember, moving to Florida has been our goal.  It's my lifelong dream to work at Walt Disney World.  Matt always felt so comfortable in Florida and would constantly say, "I love it here!  I want to move here!"  Though last month I realized that Matt never really brings the subject up... I do.  And I am always the one looking up information on moving to Florida.  Long story short... after a long talk with Matt I discovered that Florida may not be his goal anymore.  Or, at least now right now.

It's a struggle we're facing... not being on the same page.  For me, Disney is a burning passion of mine and I have to be involved with it as much as I can to really feel whole.  I wouldn't have a huge reason to move to Florida if it weren't for WDW and career opportunities there.  But, for Matt, he doesn't really have a reason to be there.  He wouldn't work at Disney and he's not 100% sure of what type of job he'd find down there.  He's fearful that I'd find my niche so easily and he'd be left in the dust wandering around looking for his purpose.

I don't want Matt to pick up his life and move simply because of me.  I want him to want to be in Florida for his own personal reasons as well.  He simply won't be completely happy if he's there just for my needs.

Right now we're trying to find a common ground.  And we're trying to see if he can "come around" to the idea of moving.  What he wants is to find a reason to be there and the ambition to move forward.  I guess I'm just... waiting.  Still.  It sucks but at this point I don't have much of a choice.  Eventually I'll want to get out of Michigan (sooner rather than later) and be happy because I'm just not happy here.

Any of you out there make a major move in your life and relocate to an area that you're unfamiliar with?  Anyone possibly even move to Florida?!  Any advice or support would be seriously appreciated!