Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snacktime Review - BabyCakes NYC

I've got a new love.  This love is a deep and understanding love.  I've started a relationship with a place called BabyCakes NYC.  Located in the new counter service location at Downtown Disney, BabyCakes is a vegan bakery.  On top of being vegan, it also boasts providing alternatives to wheat and gluten.  You can assume that if you're allergic to something found in baked goods, BabyCakes is the place for you to enjoy some sweets.

I really do dislike BabyCakes location inside of Pollo Campero/Fresh A Peel's building.  It gets no signage or acknowledgment that it even exists unless you go inside.  Despite this set back, BabyCakes seems to be thriving and is gaining quite the following.  If you're interested in seeing what's new every day at BabyCakes makes sure to follow them on Twitter @DTDBabyCakesNYC.

On my first of three visits I chose a Vanilla Crunch Donut and a Blondie Cupcake.  We were told the Chocolate Crunch is one of the best sellers but I happen to really like vanilla so I went with that.  On my second visit I did try the Chocolate and liked it even better than the insanely delicious Vanilla Crunch.  If someone put a standard, sugar filled donut in front of me and a BabyCakes vegan donut... I'd easily choose BabyCakes.  The Blondie Cupcake was AMAZING!  I could have eaten five in one sitting. 

On a later visit I found my absolute favorite BabyCakes snack... Toastie Slice. I believe it's cranberry and apple in a bread/muffin type creation. Oh my gosh! It has a hint of cinnamon that I adore. I can't get over how amazing it is. I'm thinking of finding a way to have a Toastie Slice birthday cake delivered to my house!

Make sure to check out BabyCakes NYC at Downtown Disney on your next WDW vacation!  Also give their adorable website a look... http://www.babycakesnyc.com/


  1. What is a blondie cupcake? What is the "crunch" part of the donut? What exactly is in the 4th and 7th photos?

  2. this looks wonderful!! I've never been but look forward to visiting during my Sept trip to WDW! thanks for sharing! :)

  3. YUMMY!!!!! This all looks sooo delicious! I need to go there!

  4. YUM!!!!! Ate at Fresh Apeel last trip, but I will definitely have to get some dessert next time!!