Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Tomorrow is the day!!  I finally get to leave this cold and crappy state of Michigan for a sunny time in Florida.  I love sunshine.  Have I said that lately?  Right now I'm looking at rain falling on top of snow piles.  It's not a pretty picture.  Tomorrow I will be seeing palm trees and abundant sun all around me.

My thinking is that I'll wake up around 7 to shower, get ready, and pack my final things.  Last night I got my clothes taken care of so that's out of the way.  I think I did pretty good packing all of my clothes in ONE small carry-on bag.  Unfortuntely since I'm taking my big camera bag I won't be able to take a tote or purse with me to stuff more junk in.  Oh well, I gotta make it work. 

By 9 I'd like to be out the door and on the road.  South Bend is only about an hour and ten minutes away from my house.  That puts me there very early before my flight at like 12:30.  I might grab some food to eat by my gate before my flight.  Eating gives me something to do while I have to sit by myself.  South Bend's airport is TINY so I'm sure I'll get through security and to my gate in about ten minutes. 

My flight is supposed to land around 3:00 p.m. in Orlando Sanford.  Ashley will pick me up and then we're heading straight to Magic Kingdom most likely.  I fully intend on heading to Aloha Isle for a creamy dole whip first thing since I'm sure I'll be starving.  We'll try and fit in as many attractions as we can and then we'll find a spot for the parade and Wishes at night.  We have a reservation for Boma at 9:25 so we'll leave MK right after Wishes is over and head to Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I'm SO excited to eat at Boma again and see the gorgeous AKL.  MK is open later now on Saturday... I believe until midnight so who knows... maybe we'll head back there.  I think Ashley wanted to take me to some bars around the area so we could end up doing that as well.

Sunday is Epcot day.  Storms are expected so that really really sucks.  But, in a way... I like the way Epcot looks under cloudy skies.  It makes it interesting.  And it makes Soarin' wait times shorter.  ;)  We'll be seeing Genevieve Gorder at around 3 after our Teppan Edo reservation.  Woot!

On Monday we are going to the beach.  I'm pretty sure we'll still go even if it's not super hot because I just want to see the ocean again.  I really miss New Smyrna Beach and I'm hoping that we end up going there.  I'm DYING to take pictures there.  DYING!  We'll drive back to Orlando and then have dinner at Seito Sushi.  This will be my first experience at a sushi restaurant.

Our final park day will be spent starting at Animal Kingdom doing a few attractions and then heading to Epcot for lunch at Les Chefs de France.  I'm totally excited about this ADR since it's going to be a first for me.  Despite mixed reviews I've always wanted to try it.  I took French in high school but I don't know that I could bust a ton of it out.  I know how to say "I'll have" and "I would like" and I could possibly pluck some other nouns out of the sky but probably none that I'd actually use.  Ha!  After lunch we'll head to the Studios to have a blast before Fantasmic.  In my opinion it's the best way to end a trip.  I love when Mickey goes from being in one place to magically appearing in another.  I scream my head off. 

I think I recapped you all enough on everything.  It's time for me to bid you farewell.  Make sure to pray for me and my safety flying alone for the first time!  Eeeks!  I can't wait to share my adventures with you when I get back on Wednesday!

"I hope we never lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse."  - Walt Disney


  1. Have fun! Please post some mobile uploads on facebook while you're there!