Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disney Websites - Where To Go For What

Try Googling "Disney World."  Just try it.  See what pops up.  Chances are you're going to find a handful of websites that are a waste to you and a handful that could be insanely helpful and informative but you don't know where to go for what.  It's hard to know which websites are updated frequently.  No one wants stale information but it exists.

After talking with a friend last night who happens to be a huge Disney fan but lacks direction as to where to find information on the parks, I sent him an e-mail this morning that ended up being a little guide to the magic.  As I was writing it I realized that there have to be other people, even some of my followers, that also feel overwhelmed with all the gobs of information that the internet can provide them on Disney parks. 

Not all Disney websites are created equal.

...and I love that!

I find myself going to certain websites for a certain WDW fix or specific types of information.  Here are some of my favorite websites that I frequent. - Need to find a discount and help figuring out what booking strategy might be best for you?  Go here.  Everything from flights, to park tickets, to accomodations.  This website has it all if it's saving you money. - It's easy to go to Deb's website for almost anything but the real star of the show for me is the Dining section. It has the most frequently updated Menu section of any WDW website that I've ever seen.  I also really love the Rate & Review portion of the website.  Deb is famous for a reason... - Food porn... 'nuff said. - I need a Disney fix... a lot... and Mike Newell's brain child curbs my craving.  Who doesn't love Disney parks audio going 24/7? - You love the Studios, right?  I know you do... go here for everything DHS related. - My very first introduction into the WDW community was WDW Today.  I have no idea how I came upon it and why I started listening to the podcast back when it first started and I had just graduated from high school.  These guys are amazing human beings and have more talent in their pinky than
I have in my whole body.  Never would I have thought that I'd have these guys... my "idols"... as followers of my work some day.  Blows me away every time I think about it. - My newest obsession is Disney photography and no one does it better than the folks here.  Make sure to check out their Flickr page.  Some of the most talented people that I've never met.  Ha! - The online equivelant to The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.  And that's because it's by the same folks.  :)  Their crowd calendar has changed my touring schedule forever! 

There are a slew of other websites that I could go on and on listing.  But here are just a few more
Unofficial Polynesian Resort Pages

If I left you out... please don't hate me!  I didn't mean to!  :)  Thank you all again for your support of my blog.  It means the world to me to belong to such a great group of human beings that share the same passion.


  1. *cough*Idon'tloveHollywoodStudios*cough*

    I love!

    I don't go to too many sites anymore. I used to go to the wdwmagic forum and the Passporter forum once in a while. But that's about it for me.

  2. Might want to check the Disney Blogger Collection. Over 300 Disney blogs and their latest post intro and link.

  3. All Ears is my fav and always my go to site!! It's where I send anyone who needs any Disney info (along with my blog!!) I also love posting on Passporter's message board!