Monday, October 4, 2010

Longest Week Ever

I go to Walt Disney World this week.  HOLY COW!  How time flies... in the best way.  Now I just have to make it through 5 long days of work and I will be good to go.  When I say I need a vacation, trust me.  I NEED a vacation.

This weekend I got most of the cleaning done.  My mom came over and helped me get some stuff done faster while Matt slept.  The kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom are totally clean.  The dining room will be the last to get done since we use the dining room to basically lay our vacation stuff out.  While we have our suitcases ready we don't have anything in them just yet.  All of the laundry will be done tomorrow which means I can be almost totally packed up by Wednesday night. 

We made arrangements to take Ellie to our groomers that also do boarding.  It will cost us $120 or so for the week.  They don't just leave them in a crate which is the big reason we chose to go with them over our vet.  Each dog gets at least 3 walks a day and they have a play pen that they get to romp in.  Ellie isn't totally housebroken yet but she is doing really well.  She never goes in her crate but if you don't take her out in a timely manner when she is out playing then she will go on the floor.  She is only about 4 months old now so I would say she's doing pretty well.  Her breed is apparently harder to housebreak.

Today I placed our order with Garden Grocer.  The total came out to be almost $80.  But the food portion was only $54.  The rest was delivery, sales tax, and gratuity.  I had to bite my tongue a little bit when I hit "submit."  Hopefully there are no problems with them and we will feel like we got our monies worth.

When I get back from vacation I'm going to be a busy lady.  I will be writing a review on the Polynesian Resort for Steve Seifert's website that is dedicated to the Polynesian.  I'll also be writing a mini trip report for Orbitz's blog.  All of that on top of my own trip report for my blog.  Phew!  It's a lot of work but I'm really excited about it.  I am well prepared with a tiny "detective" notebook that I got this weekend.  That's what my husband calls it.  A "detective" notebook.  He cracks me up. 

Here's to the shortest week ever (hopefully)!


  1. I'm really excited for you! Please send tons of photos to facebook and/or twitter while you're there!

    $120 a week for all of that is a great price! Our kennel is about $20 a day. But then it's extra for her to get playtime/walks. We really like them though and Lucy does okay with just a couple walks a week. She still gets let outside many times throughout the day so that's good.

  2. I will be sure to tweet and FB a lot when I'm on vacation! :) I feel like I have more people that actually care about Disney that I know so I know my pictures and updates will be appreciated.

    That is expensive for boarding! But, at the same time, this place isn't a "boarding facility" it's simply the groomers. Haha. Disney's boarding prices are CRAZY but the facilities are nice. I will give them that. I'm hoping that because we are taking Ellie to a grooming business that they will brush her once a day. Her hair gets REALLY matted if you don't brush her often. I try and do it at least twice a day to keep the hair clumps under control. I can't imagine what she would look like if she went a whole week without brushing.

  3. Yeah, it's expensive to board Lucy but so worth it since we really like the people there.