Monday, October 18, 2010

Back To Reality

I'm back my wonderful listeners!  I will say though, I wish I were still in Walt Disney World enjoying the parks.  It was the fastest week of my life, I swear.  The first few days were so slow and nice.  But by the time Tuesday hit everything went at a rapid pace.  I don't feel like writing a whole lot right now since I don't have my notes with me and my photos have not been sorted and edited.  I got my Disney Photopass pictures edited and saved though! 

The entire week the weather was totally perfect.  Hot but not to the point where you are sweating.  The evening were cool but not cold.  I loved it.  The crowds on the other hand were totally nuts compared to last year.  Often time the wait for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad would get up to 80 minutes.  Last year at this time I remember it peaking at about 30 minutes.  Big difference.  Fastpasses disappeared quickly for almost all attractions and if you weren't on the ball in the morning, you weren't getting on the popular rides without waiting at least 40 minutes.  Apparently Disney didn't expect the significant crowd increase as well.  They added extended park hours many nights as well as adding extra show times in the evenings. 

Being back to work totally stinks.  I confess that I asked Matt if we could just send for the dog and cat and stay in Florida.


  1. Good to hear the trip was nice!!! Why do you think there was a bigger crowd??? We'll be there the week after Thanksgiving- 30th-8th...and I'm a little worried. It seems like it used to be a great week to go (we've never been that week) but now, people are saying it's getting progressively more busy each year. :(

  2. Glad you had a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it.

    However, I think you're nutty for wanting to live in Florida! Haha!

    Stephanie, I don't know how WDW is, but Disneyland is insanely crowded during Thanksgiving week.

  3. Ya know, I don't even know if Disney knows why the crowds were so much heavier. Personally, I think people jumped at the huge discounts that they have been pushing out and because it was so close to travel time when they released them, I don't think they planned accordingly. I guess I just assume they would have known by resort/package bookings.

    I went the week after Thanksgiving back in '97 and I don't remember large crowds. I've heard thats one of the best times to go. But, obviously, anything is possible anymore!

    Jill, I know I'm nutty. I can't help it. Haha. I think the Flordia summers may kill me but the rest of the year it's so nice and perfect out. I just am beginning to hate snow. Matt's dad apparently wants to move to Florida after his mom retires. So, ya never know!

  4. Yeah it's the week after Thanksgiving...we aren't even arriving until the Tuesday after. It's supposed to be one of the slowest times of the year... I guess we'll see!

    I've been to Florida when it's been really hot and humid...I know I'd get used to it if I moved there, but I prefer to just visit! :)

  5. Yay!! Welcome back! So excited to read the trip reports!

    I was also wondering about the crowds. Why are they so heavy lately??? ;( Were you still able to get on everything you wanted to and walk around without fighting crowds?

    Stephanie, I'm in WDW around the same time: Dec 4-9. I thought this was the perfect time to go, but I recently checked hotels online to see if there were any better deals, and most of them are sold out for that period!! I'm afraid we are in for huge crowds, which I was not anticipating when I booked :(

  6. The only thing I can come up with is that all of the deals Disney has pumped out is now paying off and people are suddenly finding ways to 'afford' a trip at the last minute.

    We had to fight crowds. Had to use FastPasses like crazy. Didn't get to do the big headliners at Epcot and the Studios more than once which bums me out.

    One thing to remember about things being "Sold out" is that what may actually be "sold out" is the deal that you're trying to look up. If you're just trying to do a room only booking that is not discounted you may find that there are actually rooms open. Disney will allot for X number of room only bookings, X number of non-discounted package bookings, X number of discount Y, X number of discount Z. Etc.

  7. Ellen, I am trying to stay positive. It seems one of the reasons for the sold out rooms is the Pop Warner competition and those kids and families are usually busy during the day with activities, games and practices, not in the parks. I hear the resorts can be a little crazy, especially the Allstars. But as long as we're prepared, I think it will be okay! :) We spend very little time at the resort anyway.

    Stacey, it's not just the promos...if you go to Disney's site and just try for a standard room ressie, there is practically nothing. Weird.

  8. Thanks for the tip with the rooms vs deals, Stacey! That's really good to know!! Yeah, unfortunately as Stephanie said though, it seems that most hotels are sold out during that week and not just the deals :( Stephanie, I too heard about Pop Warner, and that it really isn't that bad during the day since they aren't in the parks much. I am so curious as to how this trip is going to go. Stacey, that stinks you didn't get to do the big headliners more than once, I would be disappointed by that too. But it sounds like it was a great trip anyway!!

  9. This is a test for mom really wants to go back to WDW at Christmas time. I took her, her first trip ever, a few years ago in mid January. We have FINALLY got my dad about half convinced to go as well...but he cannot handle crowds or loud obnoxious people at the resort. If our trip this year goes well, that will hopefully give my dad the confidence to say "okay" for December next year!!