Thursday, October 21, 2010

All My Faithful Followers

Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm sorry for not updating yet!  I have to write for Orbitz's blog and Steve Seifert's Polynesian website as well and they are my top priorities.  I've just gotten back into the swing of things at work.  Truthfully, I haven't even fully unpacked my bags after coming home.  I think I am just hoping someone will tell me that they are gonna send me back to Walt Disney World any day now.  :)

Keep your pants on folks and I will give you my first trip report entry very soon!


  1. Don't feel bad. I've been back from Disneyland for a couple weeks. I'm finally unpacked. But I haven't even started going through my photos or anything. I just haven't felt like doing it for some reason.

  2. I still haven't unpacked. Goodness! I don't know what it is about not wanting to do all of this writing. I enjoy talking about it but I also feel sad that I'm not there physically experiencing it.