Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bucket List - Disney Style

I'm a frequent reader of's awesome articles.  One of the featured writers, Steve Russo, wrote an article about things he'd like to experience at Walt Disney World before he kicks the bucket.  I thought it was a great idea and decided i'd like to make a similar list.  Hopefully i'll be able to cross off a few of these things on our next trip to WDW in October.

Animal Kingdom is not a park that I generally spend a lot of time.  I suppose that's pretty weird since i'm a big animal lover.  There are a few things I haven't made it around to at AK that I think I should take a chance on.  Flights of Wonder is one attraction that i've "planned" on seeing quite a few times but for one reason or another decided to skip it.  I also seem to walk past "Rafiki's Planet Watch" and just assume I won't like it.  From what i've read it's actually pretty interesting and worth the train ride. 

There isn't a single attraction I haven't done at Disney's Hollywood Studios but there is a little fun thing i've never found myself remembering to do.  At Muppet Vision 3-D there is a mat outside of the theater that you're supposed to lift up.  I don't know what's under it! 

I've experienced everything at Epcot attraction wise but I haven't seemed to EAT some of the foods that I always hear so much about.  In France there is a pastry place called Boulangerie Patisserie.  I really want to grab a pastry and coffee and just enjoy the France area more.  Also, ever since I was a kid San Angel Inn looked really interesting to me.  The restaurant is themed so well.  I've heard the food leaves something to be desired but one of these days i'm going to have to take a chance on it.

Magic Kingdom seems to be the place where i've skipped the most attractions.  I can't believe i've never done Country Bear Jamboree.  It seems right up my alley with it having music.  I've also never hopped into a teacup and spun around at Mad Tea Party.  I don't have a desire to spin the actual teacup itself.  I'll just sit there and enjoy going in slow circles.  There are these vehicles (cars and trolleys) that go up and down Main Street.  I always see people on them but I have no idea how I can get on them myself.  It looks like fun!  In Adventureland there is a counter service restaurant called El Pirata el Perico Restaurante.  The menu is very vegetarian friendly but the stupid place is never open when i'm visiting WDW!  One of these days i'm going to catch it open and get myself a bean burrito.  Finally, I don't think i've ever stayed in MK long enough after closing to see the "Kiss Goodnight."  Apparently the castle changes colors and Roy Disney's dedication speech is played. 

One thing i've always wanted to do is stay at a deluxe resort.  The prices are pretty outrageous in my opinion.  I never ever thought i'd be able to stay at a deluxe without having to take five years off of vacationing in order to save up the money.  Thanks to winning a contest through Orbitz, i'll be able to stay at my ultimate dream resort, the Polynesian. 

I've also had a thing for Coronado Springs Resort.  The pool always looked really fun to me as a kid and the new updated rooms are pretty awesome.  The old rooms looked kinda dated.  I'm sure we'll stay at this resort eventually.

That's it for my bucket list!  Any of you have attractions/restaurants/experiences that you've never done before?


  1. I'll have to do a list like this! Although, there is a LOT I've never done at WDW. So it would probably be a long list.

  2. I took care of quite a few things this past fall. I'm excited to read your list!

    Next up i'm going to do my "bottom 3" attractions from each park.

  3. Flights of wonder is a really fun show. Totally worth it.

    I would like to do the sunrise safari at animal kingdom. I imagine that it would be amazing.

  4. Ohh! I think I'll do a top 3 and bottom three for each park (including Disneyland and DCA) if you don't mind me stealing your idea.