Thursday, April 1, 2010

Polynesian Resort, Here We Come!

I got the most wonderful e-mail from Erin at Orbitz telling me that my family and I will be staying at the GORGEOUS Polynesian Resort.  I've only dreamt of staying at this place.  I never really thought that it could happen because it's just so darn expensive.  I've walked around this resort before thinking, "someday, i'll get to stay here.  Someday."  And in October, i'm going to.

During my first trip to WDW I remember traveling on the monorail and going by the Poly and thinking to myself, "Eww.  Why would anyone want to stay there?  It looks like big brown buildings.  I don't get it." 

Then I actually went to the Polynesian for dinner when I was 17 with my family.  I walked in the doors and before me was this lush, tropical atrium.  I could hear the polynesian music playing all around me.  I was sucked in!  Finally, I understood what the big deal was.

For those of you that haven't been to the Polynesian, here are some amazing photographs.

This is what you see as you walk through the lower level doors. 

A beautiful view of the atrium from the second story.

Gorgeous, yes?

Boats of all kinds are available to rent right at the resort.

The beautiful beach at the Polynesian Resort.

The volcano pool has a slide and as well as an amazing view of the Magic Kingdom.

There is a quiet pool at the Poly as well.

Love the bathroom!

The rooms underwent a fairly recent renovation.

Our moms will switch on and off sleeping on the bed and the daybed.

I just can't believe I get to spend 8 nights at this... my dream resort.


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I am soooo excited for you!! Dreams really do come true!!! I am so so happy that you get to stay there! This makes up for all of the annoyances lately with the taxes and the DDP. You are going to have the most amazing trip!!!

  2. I know!!!! It's definitely the brightest side to the whole thing. It sounds silly but I just keep thinking about the fact that I get to spend 7 nights in a room a the Poly. haha! My husband is excited about the pool. My mom is excited about getting a lei. My mother in law is excited about laying on the beach. Haha!

  3. My Grandma stayed there years ago. A while back we were talking about Disneyworld and she mentioned loving it. I haven't been to any of the Deluxe places...but I love the looks of Wilderness Lodge.

    Is that a regular sized room or is it a bit large since you'll be four adults?

  4. Matt loves WL but we both agreed today that it reminds us of what we see every day here in Michigan.

    AKL is awesome but it bothers me how remote it is. It takes forever to get anywhere using bus transportation. My favorite rooms are at the Contemporary. The new Boardwalk rooms are MUCH improved as well. Same for Beach Club.

    All of the rooms have the same layout and the same "stuff" inside. There are slight differences in the longhouses though. There is I believe just one building that doesn't have a balcony on the 2nd floor. All of the longhouses with 3 levels has either a patio or balcony. The older, original longhouses are slightly smaller I think. But, not by anything significant.

  5. It's too bad they couldn't give you guys TWO rooms...haha!

    The "theme" (if you can call it that) at the Contemporary does nothing for me. It's pretty much at the bottom of my list.

    Boardwalk looks nice but I worry about the noise level. And that clown pool is scary!

  6. Two rooms would be... AWESOME. haha! My MIL snores like a truck driver.

    I'm not big on anything about the Contemporary other than the rooms. It is definitely the least "Disney" themed of all of the deluxes.

    The clown pool scares me too!!!! I would stick to the quiet pool. I wouldn't care about noise level. Just because I can sleep through almost anything. Haha.

  7. That's awesome! We hope to stay at the Poly someday, but we'll need a 40% off PIN to be able to afford it! We visit on every trip & eat at Ohana.