Sunday, May 30, 2010

Top 3 Around the World

Here are my top 3 attractions at each of the four theme parks in Walt Disney World. 

Magic Kingdom
3.  Peter Pan's Flight
2.  Carousel of Progress
1.  Splash Mountain

In all honesty, I sat here deciding whether the number one spot would go to CoP or Splash Mountain.  Splash edged out ONLY because of the many waterfalls that I love riding down.  Both SM and CoP have a great story, which I value. 

3.  Test Track
2.  Maelstrom
1.  Spaceship Earth

I knew my number one right away but it was harder to decide whether or not to place Soarin' in my top three.  I really like Soarin' but for some reason, I just didn't have the attachment to it that is required to make my list.

Disney's Hollywood Studios
3.  Rockin' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
2.  Tower of Terror
1.  One Man's Dream

If I included "fireworks shows" in my list then Fantasmic would be number two on my list.  But, I decided to keep it strictly attractions.  ToT and RRC are almost interchangeable... almost.  ToT edged the speedy coaster out simply because ToT is the one ride in the entire world that I still get a little nervous about every single time I ride. 

Animal Kingdom
3.  Finding Nemo: The Musical
2.  Kilimanjaro Safaris
1.  Expedition Everest

It wasn't hard to pick the top three attractions for this park but it was hard to place them.  They're all interchangeable basically.  Someday, maybe Animal Kingdom will have more attractions that I actually enjoy.  Just get rid of Dinoland U.S.A., please!

I'd love to tell you about my least favorite attractions in my next entry.  Oh!  And I promise i'll blog more.  We just got back from Tennessee so my life will be really boring and i'll need something to fill my time with.  :)


  1. Carousel of Progress? Really??

    And no Dinosaur?!

  2. I've loved Carousel of Progress since I was a kid. I love the story... the kitchy way they show the eras. It's sort of cheesy... and I like that! Sort of makes me think about my mom's generation and even my grandparents.

    Dinosaur..... scares the tar out of me.

  3. "sort of" cheesy would be an understatement...haha! It's cute though.

    Dinosaur is pretty scary but it's fun. I think I prefer Indiana Jones at Disneyland (even though the track is identical.)

  4. Such a fun idea to do these rankings!! I have a lot of faves in common with you.

    MK: 1) Splash Mountain 2) Haunted Mansion 3) Pirates (I know it's better in DL, but still love the WDW version too)

    Epcot: 1) Spaceship Earth 2) Soarin' 3) Horizons!!! I refuse to admit that it's gone! haha!

    DHS: 1) Tower of Terror, 2) Rock n Rollercoaster 3) Muppetvision 3D

    AK: 1) Kilimanjaro Safari 2) Finding Nemo the Musical 3) Everest

    Thinking about these is making me so excited for my trip in Dec! :) Love your blog!

  5. Ellen,

    Thanks for your interest in my blog! Your number 3 favorite for Epcot is the best! ;)

  6. For me, it's the following:

    Magic Kingdom:
    1) Mickey's Philharmagic. One of the best 3D shows in WDW, and the other one is in another park, but it's still on my top 3 list!
    2) Pirates. Yeah, yeah, I know, I've heard the DL version's better, but I haven't even SEEN the DL version, so how would I know?!
    3) It's A Small World. Guilty pleasure all the way. I've ridden this ride now more times than I can count, and can't begin to tell you just how much I love that song. Yeah I know I'm a weirdo, but that song is SO catchy! :D

    1) Spaceship Earth. It's gotten better every time I've ridden it, but I still haven't ridden the new Judi Dench version, the jury's still out for me about whether it'll still be the same for me AFTER they took out the cheesy Audio-Animatronics ending (i.e. what communications *might* look like in the future).
    2) Soarin'. Unbelievably good, and SO worth getting FastPasses for us to come back at 5:00 pm... and we got them at about 10:00 am!! Of course, this was right around the time that this opened, so I wouldn't expect anything less!! And there's even a weird park guest story attached to that experience! But that's for another time, another place.
    3) Tied between Gran Fiesta Tour, a current attraction based on my all-time favourite Disney movie, The Three Caballeros, and Wonders of Life, which is one of those things I flatly refuse to admit that it's gone, LOL.

    Disney's Hollywood Studios
    1) MUPPET VISION 3D!!! This is *easily* the best 3D show on WDW property, and I absolutely NEVER miss it when I go. Makes me want to have a car and a vacation place of sorts down there so I can go much, much more often!
    2) Tower of Terror! Amazing, and now I actually try to do it only once every trip, because of the trauma of multiple times on one particular trip, LOL...
    3) The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Never gets old for me... mainly because I love Raiders and am totally amazed at the stunts... no matter HOW many times I've seen it over the years.

    Animal Kingdom
    1) Everest. My entrée into *real* coasters, and!
    2) Kilimanjaro Safaris. Totally awesome, and way, way better than the Jungle Cruise, at least the WDW version.
    3) Flights of Wonder. Mom dragged me into this live show the first (and currently only) time I've been in the park, and I have to say, until I get to see some of the other shows and/or attractions, this is currently in the top 3... but not for long! :D

    Wowee, now I want to go back to WDW so bad!