Friday, April 9, 2010

Finalized Day Plans

I have our day plans confirmed!  Hooray! 

I decided to throw out the Extra Magic Hours idea and just make it for what we actually want to do.  I had to figure out what day I want my Swedish Massage and what day we want to go see Cirque.  Decided to throw those together on the same day.  I'll figure after we leave AK in the early afternoon we'll head back to the hotel and just chill out for the afternoon. 

Saturday, October 9 - Magic Kingdom  -   Spectromagic at 9, Wishes at 10 (Way to start things off with a bang, right?)

Sunday, October 10 - Disney's Hollywood Studios  -  Getting lots of things accomplished!

Monday, October 11 - Epcot  -  Taking in the Food and Wine Festival on a Monday is good for crowd reasons.

Tuesday, October 12 - Animal Kingdom  -  Leaving in the early afternoon.  My spa appointment is at 3:00 p.m. and we'll go to Downtown Disney for Cirque Du Soleil's 9:00 p.m. show.

Wednesday, October 13 - Disney's Hollywood Studios  -  I'll audition for American Idol Experience

Thursday, October 14 - Water Park Day  -  Not sure what park we'll choose yet.  Head to DHS for Fantasmic at 7:30 p.m

Friday, October 15 - Magic Kingdom  -  We'll start our day here and who know's where we'll end up.

I haven't scheduled our dinner at 'Ohana yet.  Not too worried about that since we won't have travel.  I think Matt and I are going to plan a romantic dinner for the two of us as well.  I'd like to convince my family to do one more sit down meal.  I pick either Tusker House or Biergarten for lunch...  For the sake of being cheap. 


  1. Those plans sound great!

    I just realized you're going to Florida practically right after we get back from California (if we go, we'll get home on October 3rd.)

  2. Yay!! That means I won't have to stir in my jealousy for too long. haha! Seeing your pictures and trip report will rev me up for my trip!

  3. I need to force myself to do more "live updates" on my phone. I didn't really send that many photos last time. I need to do better this time. We'll only be at Disneyland/DCA for 2 and a half or 3 days. But we'll be driving cross country so there might be a few good photo ops there. Plus, if we have time we'll try to head to the beach and stuff like that. Last time I just didn't know what to take picture of. And my plan only allows for 200 texts a month so I was worried about going over. I don't think I need to worry next time. I'll just send stupid, random photos.