Friday, August 19, 2011

Stroke of Genius

Today, while browsing some Disney sites just like every morning... I had a lightbulb go off above my head.  I thought of something that I want to research and write about while down at Disney World. 

On a trip to WDW last October, I snuck a peak at the ordering screen at Pecos Bills in Magic Kingdom and I noticed some options for vegetarians that aren't listed on the menu.  I noticed a veggie wrap and a veggie taco salad.  These things aren't even talked about on the vegetarian thread on the DIS.  It made me wonder what OTHER things are available for vegetarians and vegans at other counter service restaurants.

I'd like to make it a point to visit as many counter service restaurants as I can and ask around to see what I can find out that might be new and exciting for those of us with dietary restrictions.  I used to walk by counter service restaurants, peak my head in, and if I didn't see anything on the main menu that appealed to me, I'd just keep walking.  Now I know better.  Every counter service restaurant has something vegetarian and even vegan available but you just have to ask about it sometimes.  Some places are more accomodating than others and that just depends on what ingredients they have on hand.

I figure I'll buy a small journal that I can carry with me in my bag for all of my little research topics.  If I have sections set up and a pen ready then I'm more likely to take the time to write when I get a chance.  I never stop anywhere or waste time by writing.  I just make notes in a slow queue or during a meal.  Any down time that I may have.

To update you on the dining plan ordeal... still nothing yet.  But, I haven't called since Tuesday.  I'm planning to call tomorrow since that will be one week since they inititally told us to call back.  My biggest fear at this point is getting the "blackout" excuse again.  I have hope that we can get this like we were promised but I just have to be persistant. 

Matt and I have to send for our "Disney Dollars" from our Disney Visa here within the next couple of weeks.  So far we have 27 Disney Dollars to spend.  That will buy us some trading pins or a handful of items at the Food and Wine Festival booths.  Yay for extra money!


  1. We just got a Disney Visa too! How long have you had yours?

    I still don't really know much about it. Not sure how we get points or whatever. We basically just signed up because there's no annual fee and we received a $200 gift card.

  2. $200 GIFT CARD?! We didn't get that! Ah! We signed up back in March or April. You get points by using it on anything. For every $100 you apply to the card or "spend" you get $1 in Disney Dollars.
    If you book a package through Disney you get 0%APR for 6 months... but... we haven't booked a "package" in a while with us doing the cast member discount the last few trips. So, that sucks. I think they do it that way so they can keep your money in their hands versus buying tickets from an outside vendor or staying off property. Disney knows the best deals are often in "room only" bookings.

  3. If you've got some free time you can call the restaurants and get their vegetarian offerings.

    I've noticed that most of the quick service restaurants at Disney World only show a few items on their menu boards. From what I gather it's to get people to buy what's on the boards and I think it works well. Most everybody buys the more expensive double cheeseburger even though they can order a regular cheeseburger.

    Now that I think of it most restaurants have always had vegetarian items but don't showcase said items for some reason. It's pretty commonplace to be vegetarian now so you'd think restaurants would want to showcase their diverse offerings.

  4. I think that is strange as well... to only showcase one, maybe two vegetarian dishes available. If you have more available, why not put on the menu "vegetarian options available' or something so people feel comfortable asking and not like an inconvenience?

    I do give Disney a lot of credit though for offering apple slices, fruit bowls, or carrot sticks, as an alternative to french fries in many counter service locations.

  5. If only the parents would buy them for their kids. It's sad to see a ten year old eating a double cheeseburger and fries.