Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Condede. Or Do I?

Barbara and I decided to have the dreaded discussion yesterday of what to do if push comes to shove and we're backed into a corner to make a decision on this dining plan matter.  I number crunched and number crunched.  Contrasted and compared.  I analyzed every option until I was blue in the face.  While I could type everything out for you to go over for yourselves I just don't feel like putting the energy forth to lay down the groundwork but I can tell you that we made a decision.

We'd decided to drop the cast member discount and book a "Free Dining" package.  During Barbara's initial call to Disney and getting a quote at the only value resort available, All Star Sports, the cast member told her that it would only cost $44.00 to upgrade all four of us to park hopper tickets.  HAHA!  You can laugh along with me... go ahead.  It's hilarious how wrong he was but whatever.

I decided to find out how much more it would be to stay at Caribbean Beach Resort and do Free Dining.  Believe it or not, it was still a deal compared to eating out of pocket.  I even questioned my math and ran numbers twice and still came up with the same outcome.  I gave Disney a call after I got back from the gym and they got a higher priced quote then what I came up with myself.  Reason being... the only thing available at ANY moderate is a Pirate Themed room.  I was trying to stay away from the Pirate rooms!  Grrr!!  I got off the phone and did a little more math.

Somehow, Free Dining still came out on top.  I booked it.

I booked that package not knowing what Disney is going to be able to do for me regarding the cast member discount issue.  I booked in fear that if we waited any longer we wouldn't be able to get any type of discount at all.  I really wanted to make this vacation happen and I just wanted all this madness to be over with.

While I'm still anticipating a phone call from Disney to discuss the troubles I've had, I feel relieved knowing that it's all done and settled.  Time to get excited again!

Disney World in 43 Days!

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