Monday, August 22, 2011

I Should Write Complaint Letters For A Living

To update all of you on our complicated situation... you can just read this awesome complaint email that I just sent to Disney.  I honestly want this to be over.

To Whom This May Concern,

I've recently encountered some of the most horrible, confusing, stressful customer service by your company and I feel that I should voice my concern with you in hopes that something can be reconciled from this matter.

On July 10th, my traveling party booked a reservation with a discount via a cast member friend. When we called to book, we requested to visit your resort within a time frame that included a discount on the Disney Dining Plan as well as we are traveling on a tight budget. We were told by the Disney booking agent that the window for booking the dining plan at that time hadn't opened yet and we'd have to call back on August 13th to add it and we'd either get 40% or 50% off. We thought, "Great!"

Upon calling back on the 13th, we were told that there was a blackout period over our reservation dates and the cast member that we spoke with could not help us any further and ended our conversation even after we offered to pay full price for the Disney Dining Plan. Even with us trying to be reasonable and find a solution, we were rebuffed.

Hoping that this was an error on the cast members part we tried again the next day and this time we were told that the offers just hadn't come up yet and to keep trying to back frequently so we can book it when it does. 3 tries later, same answer over and over again.

Today, August 22nd, I called and spoke with a cast member that said all we would have to do is upgrade our room at Caribbean Beach Resort to a water view or Pirate Theme and we could receive the dining plan discount. I got the promo code from him and told him that I'd have to check with my other traveling companions to make sure that the upgrade would be okay with them. Upon calling back, the next Disney booking agent informed me that the promo code that was given to us was for Cast Members only and not Friends and Family. Once again, another very frustrating dead end.

We booked these specific dates to travel to the Walt Disney World Resort BECAUSE we could receive a discount on the Disney Dining Plan. To change our travel dates NOW would incur a $150 fee with our airline per ticket. We'd also have to rearrange all of our dining reservations that we have already worked so hard to get. We literally cannot budge on our travel dates and also cannot afford to dine like we have planned being off of the Disney Dining Plan.

As a frequent guest of Walt Disney World Resort since 1997, I have never ever encountered such trouble and headache. I write for, a well known Disney travel website, and upon speaking with hundreds of other Disney guests, I have not heard of such difficulties. This is becoming a nightmare for my entire traveling party. We have two guests in our party that have never been to Walt Disney World before and this is not giving them the best first impression.

What we have hear is a very unacceptable situation. We would like someone to please contact us as soon as possible to discuss this matter and resolve it. Our reservation number is ************. You can contact me at this email address or at ***-***-****  at any time.

Thank you very much for your time and understanding. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Thats an annoying situation! I just completely ignore the dining plan, though. From my thoughts (and apparently WDW Today podcast guys agree), to pay rack rate on a room and get "free" food isn't as good of a deal as just receiving a good room discount and paying for food out of pocket. Hopefully they can make your situation better!

  2. Well, we're not trying to get the "free" dining plan. I've previously written on my beef with the free dining plan offer. Nine times out of ten people can't maximize it so it becomes pointless.

    We were just offered a discount on the full priced dining plan. I hope they can either give us that or reconcile this in some other way.

  3. Any reply from Disney yet ? I'm interested to find out how they handle this !!! I've always found them to be excellent with customer service which makes it all the more disappointing when they fail to meet the high standards that they set themselves.