Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walt Disney World... Day Seven! Final Day!

Here it is, folks,  We finally (and unfortunely) made it to mom and I's last full day at Walt Disney World.  Our touring pretty much consisted of us wrapping up everything we needed to get done.  Mom and I felt like we hadn't fully gotten everything that we could out of Magic Kingdom so that's where we went.  We hit up Carousel of Progress (my personal favorite) and did Tomorrowland Transit Authority again.  Of course we visited Fantasyland and Frontierland again.  We even did something we hadn't done in quite a few years in Liberty Square... The Hall of Presidents.  Obama looked great and is a well done addition to this classic attraction.

Since we were right there, we grabbed some lunch at Columbia Harbour House.  This is my personal favorite counter service in Magic Kingdom.  I decided to get the Lighthouse Sandwich (hummus with tomato and broccoli slaw), chips, and apple crisp.  Mom ordered the BLT salad.  We both raved about lunch.  I'm obsessed with hummus so this really fit the bill!

On our way out of MK we went through Fantasyland and witnessed one of the cutest things i've ever seen at WDW.  Alice came out and asked a little girl to ride the teacups with her.  This kind of occurance i've only seen in the commercials.  It's absolutely adorable to see it in person and watch how the child reacts. 

Mom and I took the monorail over to Epcot to explore the Food and Wine Festival one last time.  We had some time to kill before dinner at 'Ohana.  After doing a whole lot of pussy footing around we hopped back on the monorail and arrived at the BEAUTIFUL Polynesian Resort.  I feel so blessed every single time I walk into this resort.  It's paradise.

We stood in a very very long line of people waiting to check into the restaurant.  We were about a half hour early for our ADR time but we only ended up waiting about fifteen minutes for a table.  We were seated at by the window on the far side of the main seating area.  Totally fine by us because last time we had coconuts being kicked at our feet. 

Before we left for vacation I'd asked around about Chef TJ at 'Ohana and was told that he was no longer there.  I didn't even bother telling our waiters (yes, two) that I was vegetarian because I didn't feel like the fuss would be worth it if TJ wasn't there.  After the first four appetizers came and I only ate salad and noodles one of the waiters asked if I ate meat.  I told them 'no' but that I was just fine eating what I could.  She insisted that I let her tell the chef to whip something extra up for me.  Whatever... it's fine.  No Chef TJ but we'll see what comes out.

About ten minutes later walking my way comes the one, the only, Chef TJ.  I whispered to my mom, "Oh my gosh!  That's him!  That's Chef TJ!"  As he approaches I just repeatedly begin thanking him for making something special for me.  I told him that I heard he wasn't cooking at 'Ohana anymore and that I'd wanted to meet him for so long because I heard his concoctions were just amazing.  He really makes the whole dining time an experience.  He seriously loves what he's doing. 

I could tell he was absolutely flattered.  He said he'd come back to check on me in a bit.

What he made me was absolutely delicious.  It was fried asparagus with tofu on top of rice and veggies.  The sauce he put on it all was out of this world and just tied it all in.  The dish was HUGE!!!  I devoured about 2/3 of it before I had to give in.  Dessert was coming up!

In the middle of our meal, a fellow tourist walked towards our table and said that I looked very familiar to her.  After I told her my name she goes, "I thought it was you!  I'm (so and so) from the Intercot boards.  I knew I recognized you from somewhere."  She remembered seeing pictures of me

As promised, Chef TJ came back out and chatted with me for a bit and I asked to get my picture taken with him.  Our bread pudding dessert came out and totally knocked us off our chairs.  It's so delicious.  We were very very stuffed at that point.  It was time to undo the pants basically.

Mom and I were waiting for our bill and Chef TJ came back out and said, "you're done with dessert already?  Wait here!  Don't leave yet!"  So he ran back to the kitchen and it gave mom and I some time to just rest.  We had no idea what he was doing but we sure as hell weren't going to miss it.  In about ten or fifteen minutes he came back out to our table with ANOTHER dessert.  I can't even tell you what it was exactly.  Some kind of fried dough with chocolate and raspberry drizzled over the top.  So good.  Chef TJ insisted that the next time I come back to 'Ohana that I specifically ask to speak with him before we begin our meal.  Of course I will, Chef TJ.  Of course I will.

What a way to end the final day of our vacation. 


  1. I love that you guys take a photo in the mirror in the morning. so cute.

    I don't care for the Hall of Presidents. And that Obama looks nothing like the real Obama. (Maybe that's a good thing? Haha!)

    Alice in the teacups is so cute!

  2. It's one of our ridiculous traditions. We do it right before we walk out of the door. haha!

    Hall of Presidents... i'll be honest... this was the only time I didn't fall asleep. And I was fighting it. It's not that i'm not INTERESTED in presidents or our history, but after spending hours walking in 85+ degree weather i'm pooped!

  3. I'll admit it...history and politics just don't interest me.