Monday, March 29, 2010

Food Food and More Food!

One of my favorite parts of vacationing in WDW is the amazing restaurant selection.  I've become quite the foodie and have recruited my mom and husband into the world of WDW dining. 

I sat down with those two on Friday night to discuss possible dining option if we can add the DDP onto our package.  It was a bit frustrating as Matt and I don't always see eye to eye when it comes to dining.  He prefers atmosphere over good food and doesn't care how much the meal is.  I on the other hand prefer good food over good atmosphere and I take into account getting the most bang for my buck on the DDP.  My mom is very "go with the flow" and as long as the menu isn't too out there then she's fine. 

The three of us decided to pick two restaurants that we've previously dined at that we'd like to go back to and one restaurant that we'd like to try.  This is what it looks like.

Matt - Coral Reef
           Mama Melrose
           Tusker House

Mom - 'Ohana
           Cape May Cafe
           Chef Mickey's

Me - Le Cellier
         Chefs de France

Obviously, my mom likes buffets and family style dining.  She likes to be able to eat as much as she wants of whatever she wants.  Matt has this odd obsession with Mama Melrose that I just can't seem to grasp.  All he gets is the $13 Four Cheese Flatbread.  Please tell me why we're eating PIZZA in Disney World.  I'm definitely the adventurous eater of the group.  

It was somewhat hard for us to pick which ones we'd like to save because we've all become attached to so many restaurants.  If I had to pick another save it would be Tusker House.  That was great for vegetarians.  I'm a bit nervous about my "new" pick, Chefs de France.  I've heard some crummy reviews but the menu looks really good.  I have a feeling that for my family though, the menu looks a little "weird" to them.  I also can't believe I put Biergarten on my "save" list.  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for an Oktoberfest and red cabbage.

The woman from Orbitz is booking the flight today and we should hopefully know what resort we'll be staying at sometime this week.  I also hope she'll be able to tell us if we can add the DDP or not.  Our 180 day ADR window opens April 12th.


  1. I love you Stacey...and don't hate me but I have to chuckle when you talk about food at WDW. While I enjoyed one of the restaurants we went to...I just don't see WDW as fine dining....haha!

    If I were a foodie, there are plenty of places I'd rather eat than WDW restaurants. But that's just me...haha! :)

    I've heard cruises are great for foodies though. Have you ever gone on one? I never had the desire to go on one. But the other day I saw a Disney one I would LOVE (but it's way expensive!)

  2. If only you knew the kind of restaurants we have around here you'd see why I get so excited about WDW food. haha! My mother-in-law got a kick out of me today talking to her about all of the WDW food. She said, "it sounds like all we're going to be doing is eating!"

    I've never done a cruise actually! I saw that you were blogging about that. My friend, Lisa, went on her first cruise last year and loved it apparently. I haven't ever had a desire to do one. Seems boring until you actually get to an island or something. Disney cruises look exceptional though. :) My co-worker has done Disney cruises a few times and her whole family loves it. I just love the parks too much to waste my money on a boat. haha!

  3. YUMMY!!!! Haha, that’s the first thing we start planning too – the food! I’m not going for 8 months, yet that’s all we’ve been talking about…we said the same thing, is all we’re going to be doing there eating?! LOL! Can’t wait to hear which ADR’s you chose!

  4. Well, the Disney cruise I like (I blogged about it) is not a substitution for Disney parks at all. And it's not an islandy cruise (I'd rather just go to an island than do a caribbean cruise.)

    I'm not a foodie but I've heard we have some decent food here...haha.

    We may not go to WDW again for quite a few years. But when we do...we'll probably make two ADRs for the entire trip. A lunch at Restaurant Marrakesh and a dinner there. :)

  5. If you're a foodie I recommend hitting a trip to either San Francisco or New York. The cuisine options are incredible. The only problem with doing this is that it will ruin WDW cuisine for you.