Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vacation Details

Everyone is in for our vacation!  Matt, my mom, his mom, and myself.  I talked to Orbitz today and they gave me some information. 

We get to pick our travel days as long as there aren't any blackout dates over time.  We've decided that we want to see Food & Wine Festival so we're thinking of going at the beginning of October.  Choosing a Saturday through a Saturday for the sake of only having to take 5 days off of work then.  We'll be adding the dining plan and just paying for it ourselves.

With the $250.00 gift card we're not exactly sure what to do with it yet.  If we can, we're thinking of doing the Epcot Seas Aqua Tour again.  Or possibly, getting SCUBA certified so we can go deeper into the water.  We both aren't big on buying tons of Disney stuff so using the gift card to shop wouldn't be the most efficient.  Might as well try and do something that we wouldn't normally be able to pay for.

We don't know where we will be staying yet.  Orbitz has to check with WDW on the availability of resorts and what not.  It sounds as though we may get something pretty nice!  Of course, i'm crossing my fingers and toes for the Polynesian but if not, we're just happy to be going for free.

Time to get to planning!

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