Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Miss Mickey

So, basically, I decided to plug some numbers in and see how much a full vacation to WDW would cost us.  I chose 5 nights instead of the usual 7 in an effort to save money.  We're already vacationing on a budget (like always) so any way I can cut back I will.  Shaving a few days off is the easiest way to take a large amount off of the total.

I chose a time that hopefully overlaps the free dining promotion as well as the beginning of the Food and Wine Festival.  I absolutely loved that time of the year.  Food and Wine Festival is my favorite thing to do at WDW now.  I'm also obviously assuming free dining will be offered.  It should be announced within the next week if it is.

Here is the price breakdown.  AKA, how i'm justifying affording this trip.

Airline (as of now) - $318.00 total

WDW MYW, 5 day park hoppers, at Pop Century, September 28-October 3 - $1136 total

Airline + Disney = $1454.00

Airline is paid upfront and a down payment on the package is as well.  $318 + $250 = $568

The remainder of the package will be paid in increments over 5 months so it can be paid off 45 days before arrival to WDW. 

Remainder $886.00 / 5 months = $177.20 a month

That we can totally swing no problem. 

I have to calculate how much our Nashville/Memphis trip will cost us.  I'm thinking that will only be like $350.00 total.  We only have to pay for gas, attractions, and spliting the hotels with my mom. 

Hopefully, by next week, we'll have a package booked!


  1. We found out about a week ago that Matt's aunt has to have shoulder surgery unexpectedly. So, she probably won't want visitors I guess. Ugh :( Oh well! Maybe next year!