Thursday, January 28, 2010

Walt Disney World... Day Five

A bright sunny day welcomed us this morning.  Animal Kingdom was upon us.  We had to finish up some attractions that we missed on our first day.  We got to the park right at opening and since we had already done Kilmanjaro Safari we didn't need to rush over to that.  We casually strolled over to Expedition Everest and I did the single rider line twice.  The single rider line for that attraction is amazing.  Very efficient for my mom and I since she doesn't ride.  To kill some more time until Finding Nemo: The Musical we traveled over to Dinoland U.S.A.  Mom didn't remember what it was like and I told her "don't expect much."  Safe to say she was pretty disappointed.  I really wish they'd do something with Dinoland.  Bah.

We got an awesome seat right next to the catwalk in Finding Nemo.  Every single time I'm blown away by that show.  Everyone is just so stinking talented and I feel like i'm seeing a Broadway show without paying the big bucks.  For those of you who are wondering...yes, I do cry at the end every single time. 

After Nemo we hit up Festival of the Lion King.  That's one attraction that i'm pretty much over.  I feel like i've seen it so many times and it's never changed.  Mom loves it so that's why we do it every visit.  We were pretty much finished with Animal Kingdom at that point so we left and headed to Epcot.  I think we waited a half hour for a bus from AK to Epcot.  Ridiculous.  By the time we got there it was about 12:30 and scorching hot outside.  Definitely the hottest day so far. 

We were starved and couldn't really agree on what to have for lunch.  I wanted Morocco and she wanted Mexico.  I told her that we could just stop at Mexico and she could eat first then we'd walk over to Morocco and I'd eat.  We had plenty of time with no where to be at that point so it wasn't a big deal if we did that.  Mom didn't want to do that though so she decided she could try some middle eastern food.  We started off walking from Mexico.  It was very busy in Epcot with it being a weekend.  Finally after what seemed like the longest walk ever, we made it to Morocco.  I got in line for the food while mom sat down at the only vacant table inside.  The line was long and moved very slowly. After I ordered I turned around and looked at my mom.  She motioned to me that she was hot and didn't feel good.  I motioned to her where the nearest restroom was but she just stayed sitting.  Finally I got the food and brought it to her.  She grabbed the bottle of water and wet down a napkin to put on her head and arms.  She said she felt like she needed to use the restroom but also felt faint so she didn't want to get up.  I told her that maybe she just needed food in her system and to try eating.  She took one bit and then said she really needed to get to a restroom.  I told her where it was and that it wasn't far.  She really kind of stopped talking at that point.  Within a few seconds she got up and walked towards the doors but didn't make it the whole way.

I looked up and saw her sitting down in the corner of the restaurant.  I knew this wasn't normal.

I ran over to her with a bottle of water and some napkins.  She said she felt like she was going to pass out so she didn't want to sit in a chair in case she fell.  I immedietly poored some water on napkins and put them all over her arms, legs, and forehead.  I kinda started a puddle of water on the floor.  She just kept saying she was so hot.  She tried closing her eyes a few times but I wanted her to stay with me so I kept shaking her lightly.  A woman came up and asked if she was okay and I told her what she was telling me.  The woman then ran out and got her son who was a doctor.  Just as the woman left though, my mom shut her eyes and her arms came up to about shoulder level and started shaking.  Almost seizure like.  I started crying and yelling at her to stay with me.  Her head was limp in my hands and I knew at that point she was out. 

The doctor and his wife (also a doctor) came and took over.  The wife held my mom up while her husband examined her and questioned me.  I told him that she's hypoglycemic but hasn't had very much sugar this morning.  He asked for someone to go get sugar packets and some Sprite.  The more I looked at her not moving the more emotional I got.  Eventually I was crying so hard I couldn't even speak.  The doctor's mother grabbed me and moved me away from the situation... talking to me and trying to keep me calm.  She went over to our table and grabbed our bags and my water.  The manager of the restaurant came out and asked me questions about her and then called 911.  He gave his cell to the doctor who told them my mom's stats.  It seemed that everyone in the restaurant was getting quite the show at that point.  Here a woman is laying on the floor unconcious and another young woman is crying her eyes out. 

By the time the WDW medics came my mom had come to but couldn't really move much from being so weak.  I remember her looking up at me with the saddest eyes i'd ever seen.  I kept turning around because I didn't want her to see me crying because I knew it would make her feel bad.  While the medics hooked all these machines up to my mom the park manager (or something like that) came and talked to me.  Reassuring me that WDW had the best medical team and they were going to take care of my mom.  He stayed with me the whole time. 

While the medics put my mom on a stretcher, the doctors, restaurant manager, medics, and other park guests gave me a hugs and reassured me that she'd be okay.  The park manager and I followed behind the stretcher out into the main walkway of the World Showcase.  We wrapped around through a backstage area and in a few seconds the ambulance rolled up.  The park manager told me that we were going to Celebration Hospital.  He said when mom got to feeling better that we could come back to Morocco and get the meal we never got to eat.  I said goodbye to him and hopped up in the front of the ambulance while they got my mom settled in.  The EMT that drove was absolutely awesome.  He made jokes and tried to calm me down.  It worked because he even got me to laugh in the midst of the drama. 

We got to Celebration Hospital in about 10 minutes and I filled out a form with all of my moms information.  She was laying there on the stretcher looking up at me and tears filled her eyes.  I grabbed her hand and told her it was okay.  She said she felt like she ruined the whole trip.  I got stern with her and told her that this was just a bump in the road and things happen... That we'd get it all figured out and tomorrow we'll pick up right where we left off. 

After spending a good three hours in the hospital, going through a few tests, and them pumping a bag full of water into her... they determined that it wasn't anything serious.  She was just severely dehydrated.  Mom was feeling virtually back to normal by the time we signed the release papers.  We gave Pop Century's front desk a call and they called a cab company for us.  Within five minutes a cab was in front of the hospital and we began our journey back to the resort.  We got up to the front desk and explained what happened.  They reimbursed us for the cab ride and helped us figure out what to do now that we'd missed our dinner reservations at Raglan Road.  There were no openings at all anywhere at Downtown Disney so they told us to take our chances and see if they were accepting walk ups. 

Mom wanted to go back to the parks right after she showered but I told her no way.  I made her take a half hour nap and just rest for a bit.  I understood she was feeling back to normal again but I didn't want her to push it.  That's how we got into the issue in the first place. 

After a few hours in the room we hopped on a bus for Downtown Disney.  Not without a long ass wait of course.  I've always waited forever for a bus to Downtown Disney.  Just doesn't make sense to me why they don't have more busses running there.  Mom and I just stayed on the bus until the Pleasure Island drop off.  We walked into Raglan Road which seemed pretty busy and I proceeded up to the podium.  I explained the situation with my mom and how we missed our previous reservation.  They were so great!  They asked if she was okay now and said that they'd find a table for us and we'd be seated within just a few minutes. 

We were given a table in a smaller side section.  I didn't exactly like where we were seated.  It was a small high top table (not the problem) but it was very very dark in that section and it we had an obstructed view of the entertainment in the larger seating area.  Our waitress was very good and explained what things were on the menu.  Mom chose some kind of meatball pasta dish and I got the "It's not Bleedin' Chowder."  We both really liked our entrees.  Neither of us could finish what we were given because we knew that dessert was coming up.  I ordered the Dunbrody Kiss and mom got the Bread and Butter pudding.  I regret my decision.  Mine was good but very very rich.  It was just ALL chocolate.  Mom's was probably one of the best desserts I've ever had in Walt Disney World.  Ever.  You just spoon out all this pudding goodness and you get a caramel sauce to go along with it.  So so so good. 

Mom and I hopped a bus right after dinner to go back to Pop Century.  I think we both almost totally fell asleep on the ride back.  We certainly slept like babies that night. 


  1. Yikes about your mom.

    We carry at least one bottle of water with us at all times. (I have one of those water bottle straps.)

    At non-Disney stuff...when I know we'll be out and about all day...I carry granola bars in case Graham's blood sugar gets low. At Disney we won't worry so much since there are food and snack carts everywhere.

    Water is a must everywhere though.

  2. Mom and I had a bottle of water with us at all times... I guess she just didn't drink enough.

    It was like 92 or something crazy that day. We should have been chugging it.

  3. Hot weather is the worst. We're thinking about Disneyland in late September. I need to figure out if I want to risk it being hot...

    I have kidney problems and they always seem to act up on vacations. It's hard to remind myself to chug water all day.

  4. Reminding yourself to drink water is definitely sometimes hard. Especially when your mouth isn't really dry and it's just your body that needs it.

    Are you thinking NEXT September?

  5. about a crazy day! I'm glad to hear everything was okay with your mother.

  6. Hey - I've never seen the Nemo show. The people who go with me are not really "show" people, and I usually don't like them either. What makes this one stand out?

  7. Just the effects, the costumes, the props. It's not "typical" by any means. The singing is amazing and the action can be "in your face" if you're by the catwalk. If you like the movie, you'll like the show. It's the movie just condensed.