Thursday, February 4, 2010

Disney World... Day Six

Greetings from day six!  Mom and I vowed today would be a drama free day with no one passing out.  Mom got her morning coffee at Everything Pop then we were off to Disney's Hollywood Studios to finish up things we didn't get to do the other day.  We made sure to be on the ball and get there before opening.  It was cool to watch American Idol Experience come out and get people to audition. 

After being on the third vehicle of the day at Toy Story Mania we saw green army men outside walking around.  They approached me and asked how I did.  I was able to tell them I had a high score for the day.  Sure, only about twelve people had riden the attraction before me but at least I got to be proud of myself for a little bit! 

Mom and I worked our way around through some more attractions and even stopped to meet Mike sans Sulley.  I was disappointed to say the least.  I'm a Sulley fan.  We got some lunch at Backlot Express.  I think mom got a salad and I got the vegetable sandwich.  I heard it was to die for and it certainly was!  Of course I picked off the mushroom.  Yuck.  That's just wrong.

Finally it was time for us to head over to the Animation Studio to try and meet all three characters from "Up."  It was only Russell and Dug a few days prior and I really needed to meet all three together.  We were about fifth in line waiting for the characters to come out.  After about twenty minutes Dug, Russell, and Carl came out greeting everyone waiting.  Russell saw my shirt and RAN to me so excited.  He pointed to his shirt and then to mine and clapped.  I knew this was going to be good.

When it was our turn to go and meet the characters I let my mom go first.  She did her cute poses with them and then... my turn!  I walked around the corner and Russell saw me and CHARGED at me.  He hugged me for what seemed like forever.  Everyone there really got a kick out of watching us.  To say that I love Russell is a serious understatement.  I walked over and greeted Dug and Carl with big hugs.  I even got a kiss on the hand from Carl which of course made Russell jealous.  I told the them all that I wanted a picture doing the "roar" pose.  The guys didn't want to let me go.  Russell grabbed my hand and started walking away with me, waving goodbye to everyone.  It was SO CUTE!  The photopass photographer told us to stop and pose just the two of us.  I swear I spent a good five minutes with them.  That's a long time for a WDW meet and greet!

I was BEAMING after that experience and couldn't wait to see the pictures.  Mom and I decided to do something i'd always wanted to do but seemed to skip past in every previous trip.  We drew Tigger!  Mom didn't want to do it so she just took pictures of me doing it.  My drawing started off pretty well actually.  I can draw still life well but i've never been good with animals or people.  About half way through I hold my paper out and look at it.  Mom and I start laughing like idiots in this quiet drawing class.  I'm pretty sure I snorted at some point.  Somehow I drew Tigger looking a lot like Gumby.  My head hung in shame the rest of the afternoon.

Mom and I took the bus back to Pop Century and got around to go to Epcot for dinner.  Dinner was a little early tonight... 4:45 p.m. at Le Cellier.  It was the only time I could get a reservation for but I didn't care because I just wanted my mom to be able to experience Le Cellier.  I'd raved about it for so long that I was hoping it'd live up to the hype for her.  Luckily, it did!  She was rather impressed that they let her get a shake with her meal.  We both decided to get a "fixed" option on the menu that allows you to get an appetizer even on the Disney Dining Plan.  I chose a ridiculously amazing salad and mom got my suggestion...cheddar cheese soup.  I can never even try the soup because of the bacon in it.  She RAVED about it and at that point I think she was getting why I talked this place up so much.  Our entrees came out in perfect timing.  Mom ordered some kind of steak (don't ask me I don't know the difference) with potatoes and I got the salmon two ways.  Now I thought the salmon I had at Le Cellier on a previous trip was amazing.  No no no.  This was it.  They served the salmon along side this veggie rice wrap thing.  I almost passed out from how good that was alone.  But, mom and I decided neither of us would be passing out that day so onto dessert.  We both got the creme brulee. It's absolutely ridiculous.  The waitress came back out to check and make sure we liked it... yeah.... I was already done with mine.  Throw an amazing Canadian Moosehead beer on top of the whole meal and it ended up being one of the best meals i'd ever had in my life. 

I think our stomachs were so full we could have burst at that point.  Mom and I walked off dinner touring the World Showcase.  We then got a seat at the American Pavillion to watch En Vogue.  I grew up singing En Vogue's songs at age five.  They even performed with my idol, Kelly Clarkson back in the day.  We were surrounded by two very distinct groups...  middle aged black women and elderly folks that were just looking for a place to sit down out of the sun.  En Vogue came out and I totally got into it.  I'm sure I was the only white girl getting down.  I impressed myself by remembering a lot of words to the songs.  Mom and I had a blast!

En Vogue must have made me thirsty because I then decided to get a beer from the "New Orleans" booth.  I do believe it was called Purple Haze.  A co-worker had told me she loved it.  I personally wasn't crazy about it.  It was a little too fruity and light for my taste.  Mom and I decided to visit the beautiful France pavillion.  We thought about seeing the movie there because neither of us had done it before.  The plan quickly changed when we met a new friend. 

A French cast member greeting people at the movie called out to me, "Hi, is that good?" 

I replied nicely, "It's okay.  Nothing special." 

He asked, "Where are you from?"

I said, "A small city in Michigan.  Right here."  *pointing to my hand*

He then grabs my shoulders and smiles.  He says, "You have the most beautiful eyes.  You're gorgeous!"

Uhhh?  Is this a joke?  Is he pretending to be a smooth talking Frenchman?  It's gotta be a joke.  My mom is just standing there smiling making little comments here and there.  I looked at her in a state of panic.

I said, "Thanks.  That's nice of you to say.  Where are you from in France?"  Clearly I was trying to change the subject.

It didn't work.  He kept talking about how he was going home to France around Christmas but would be back after the New Year and I shouldn't worry because he'll be in Florida waiting for me.  He even asked if I was happy in "my city" because I just might like Florida better.  I think he commented on my eyes and smile a handful of times in the middle of this conversation.  I just couldn't change the subject long enough to keep him from talking about my looks.  My mom suggested that we get a picture together.  She later told me that she thought it would shut him up.  After we awkwardly took a picture together he asked to SEE IT.  Mom showed him and he ZOOMED IN on our faces and looked and my mom and said "Don't we look beautiful together?" 

Uh, okay.  Hold up, Pierre.  I will not be moving to Florida to make babies with you and live scarily ever after.  Uh uh.  No way.  Go find another Belle. 

Mom swooped right in with the zinger.

"Yeah it's too bad she's married."

Poor guy pouted his lips and hunched down.  That should stop him from making anymore horrific comments, right?  WRONG!  

"This makes me sad.  You're married?  He is so lucky.  You are the most beautiful."  

Mom and I said that we had to get going to see other "things."  We ran into the wine store (boy did I need a drink at that point) and laughed so hard about what just happened.  I felt like I needed a shower!  Since we weren't obviously going into the movie anymore we decided to slip out through another walkway further down past a few more shops.  We turn the corner and guess who is standing there talking to another cast member.  My lover, Pierre!  Mom and I walked briskly to the further shop back and bolted out behind our friend so he didn't notice us.  I'd show you a picture of my admirer and I but i'm a little too ashamed of how tightly he was holding me.

To erase it all from our brains we took a trip into the future on Spaceship Earth and then called it a night.  What an interesting day!


  1. I want to see a photo of the Frenchy!

    And the photo of you hugging the chubby kid (sorry...I still haven't seen the movie) is the best thing ever!!!

  2. THE CHUBBY KID... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So funny. You must see Up very soon, Jill.

    Maybe I should add the Frenchy (great name) when I get home. Just for you. haha.