Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disney World... Day Two

Good morning from Pop Century! Mom and I got a full nights rest and we were raring to go. We both ate a granola bar in the room and mom ran down to the food court to fill up her refillable mug with coffee. I tried warning her that the coffee at WDW tasted like urine... yeah, she didn't listen. She ended up not being so fond of it.

Once we arrived at Epcot we headed straight for Soarin' of course. But, only after we stopped to take pictures with Daisy and Stitch. We then knocked out some more Future World attractions and even ran into a Food & Wine Festival performing group. These guys played percussion on a kitchen set!

Once World Showcase opened I loaded up a Food & Wine Festival gift card to wear around my wrist as we "traveled." This was our first time experiencing the F&WF and we LOVED it. It was hard to decide what to get since there was such a variety. Plus, we had reservations at Coral Reef for lunch so we couldn't just gobble up EVERYTHING in sight. We started on the right side of the World Showcase and walked around until we reached the International Gateway. There was tons of signage everywhere representing all of the countries.

We had FastPasses for Test Track so then we headed back to do that. We couldn't resist seeing more of the World Showcase so this time we started at the left (Mexico) and worked our way around. They had the champagne and dessert booth which I could NOT walk by apparently. I stopped and got myself Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial and mom got the strawberry shortcake. We were having tons of fun walking around the World Showcase thoroughly looking at everything and taking lots of pictures. Mom got a F&WF t-shirt and I got a t-shirt from Norway. For the first time we saw the story teller in Japan. She was awesome! On our way out of the World Showcase of course we saw a cute French guy that we stopped and looked at for a few minutes. My mom suggested that I take a picture. Of course, as I was doing this, oh so subtly, adorable French guy looked right at me.

Lunch time at Coral Reef! We waited maybe 10 minutes then we were seated right by the aquarium. After getting our drinks and bread (which we love by the way) our entrees came out. Mom got the new york strip and I got the...? I don't know... some kind of fish. Mom and I both liked our meals. Wasn't the best i've ever had there though. Dessert is the best at Coral Reef. I got The Chocolate Wave and mom got the new and improved cheesecake. Yum yum yum. Successful lunch indeed!

Mom and I went back to the room for a bit to relax. I can't remember if we took naps or not. My friend Ed came with us to the Magic Kingdom that night. We walked around for little bit and went through some shops. Mom claimed our spot on the sidewalk for the parade about an hour early while Ed and I went over to Aloha Isle to get the three of us some dole whips. Oh do we love our dole whips. While sitting on the sidewalk I successfully saw a set of twins that I couldn't help to take pictures of. It only got awkward when the boy pointed at me while telling his mom some strange lady was staring at him.

After Spectromagic we walked around through MK at night and I rode the carousel for the very first time! I can't believe i'd never done that before. I couldn't remember which horse was Cinderella's so I just picked the one that I thought was prettiest.

The three of us went back to Pop Century and grabbed some late night dinner in the food court. Ed got a chicken flatbread which my mom also enjoyed eating. Mom got chicken alfredo while I enjoyed the new and improved veggie burger.

We said goodnight to Ed and then hit the hay. Lots of food that day. Lots of calories. Very little guilt.


  1. You LIKED the veggie burger???? I had one at Pecos Bill's and it was disgusting. I choked down half of it just because I was hungry. I had Graham taste it (this is the man who will eat just about anything) and he had trouble eating one bite of it. He was shocked I ate as much as I did.

  2. HAHA! No way?! Yeah I liked it! The old ones I'm sure Matt would like better but... I guess i'll eat just about anything as long as its meat-free. OH too funny.