Monday, February 7, 2011

Countdown: 26 Days

I'm sort of in a state of disbelief right now.  Only 26 more sleeps (and 21 work days) until I board a plane in South Bend, IN headed for Orlando, FL!  This trip is coming up so quickly and I love it!  The excitment keeps building.  Constantly I think about what I want to do first, what new things I want to try, what I want to photograph, and even what counter service I want to hit up. 

I've come up with some ideas for future blog entries that I'll prep for by doing research while I'm down in WDW.  Ashley will be my recruited photographer.  I find that when I get home I barely have any pictures with me at WDW.  I tend to just take pictures of other people or things.  To make my blog more interactive and fun I think I need to be using shots of myself in different places and scenarios to get a personal vibe. 

In case you're not aware, I recently bought a Canon T2i and am learning to use it to the best of my ability.  I have the kit lens plus a telephoto lens that I got a good package deal on.  Everyday I'm trying to challenge myself and learn more about my camera and I vow to never keep the settings on "Program."  I thought about renting some filters or lenses to take down with me but I'm afraid that I'll just be overwhelmed.

I just keep thinking... get through February.  Get through February.


  1. LOL!! Me too!!! Big surprise bday trip for my daughter on March 2nd!

  2. omg what dates are you going because i am going march 9 through 14