Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bottom 3 Attractions in WDW

It's time to list my not-so-favorite attractions in WDW.  Number one is the attraction I most dislike.  Unlike with my top 3 attractions, not many of these are interchangeable.  I have fairly strong feelings about the attractions that I could do without.  Go figure.

Magic Kingdom 
3.  The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
2.  Jungle Cruise
1.  Stitch's Great Escape

Winnie the Pooh is a very popular attractions... for toddlers.  I get that.  What I don't get is why they had to make it so trippy.  If I rode that attraction high as a kite I'm sure I'd love it.  I feel bad having Jungle Cruise on my list.  I really do.  But, there is a limit to the amount of times you can listen to the same corny jokes over and over.  I don't even have to explain Stitch's Great Escape to you if you've experienced it.  We'll let that one be.

3.  American Adventure
2.  Journey Into Your Imagination With Figment
1.  Honey, I Shrunk the Audience

American Adventure, I'm sorry.  You bore me.  Not that I don't CARE about the history of my country but I can't seem to stay awake for 30 minutes in wonderful air conditioning while sitting in cushy seats.  Let me say, Voices of Liberty ROCKS though!  In my opinion, the entire crapfest that is the Imagination pavillion can go.  Figment is very loud and not very interesting.  HISTA scares me a bit, I admit.  I don't like giant lions in my face. 

Disney's Hollywood Studios
3.  Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
2.  Sounds Dangerous
1.  Backlot Tour

These are all attractions that at one time were good.  Indiana Jones, in all fairness, still is a good show.  It's not all that good when it's the millionth time you've seen it however.  It's been the same show since God knows when.  I admit I really liked Sounds Dangerous the first few times.  Recently however, the attraction has been crapping out on audiences making it virtually pointless to try and experience it.  And finally, Backlot Tour.  *shakes head*  Why did they have to take away the backlot homes?  Why!?  And WHY must I stare at movie props that are from ancient movies that were once somewhat popular but not so much anymore? 

Animal Kingdom
3.  Triceratop Spin
2.  Primevil Whirl
1.  Dinosaur

Ironic that all of these are in Dinoland U.S.A.  I love dinosaurs, don't get me wrong.  But this section of AK is ridiculous.  My number three is simply a glorified Dumbo.  Primevil Whirl makes me feel quite sick.  I hate spinning around that much.  The ONE time I rode that I did NOT have fun.  Must I explain why Dinosaur is the worst attraction at AK?  Easy.  It scares the living crap out of me.  "RIGHT!  LEFT!  RIGHT!  RAWRRRRR!"  I did keep my eyes open on it once.  Just once.  That was because a cast member gave me a FASTPASS if I could come back with photographic evidence I kept my eyes open.  :)

Well, there's my bottom three attractions at WDW.  What are yours?!


  1. I love Dinosaur! How dare you.

    I do agree with Primeval Whirl. I can't handle those spinning rides. I go on it because Jill likes feeling nauseous.

  2. Good list!! The only one I don't agree with is American Adventure - love that show!! I cry every time - haha :)

    Mine are:
    MK: 1) Stitch 2) Astro-orbiters 3) Tiki Room - note, I liked the original but am NOT down with the "new mgmt"

    Epcot: 1) Mission Space - so mad that it took the place of Horizons!! 2) Gran Fiesta Tour - loved Rio del Tiempo, not so much the new version
    3) Ellen's Energy Adventure

    DHS: 1) Sounds Dangerous 2) Backlot Tour 3) Indiana Jones

    AK: 1) TriceraTop spin 2) Primeval Whirl 3) Kali River Rapids - hate getting wet! :)

  3. Ellen, I'm sorry I read your response so late! Derr, I need to be a better blogger. haha!

    I totally agree about The Tiki Room New Management. Yuck!

    Love that you agree with me about Mission Space replacing Horizons. That is the one attraction I would bring back in a heartbeat. I'd give up some of my favorite attractions to get Horizons back.

  4. My bottom 3 are as follows:

    1) Jungle Cruise. It's not the corny jokes (I love them so much), it's actually the guiding system. They use a metal trough to guide the boats, and I cannot ride it anymore because I can hear the metal trough (having Asperger syndrome, I have super sensitive hearing), and I'm usually a nervous wreck once I get off.
    2) Space Mountain. In my humble opinion, this is quite possibly the worst ride ever. The problem with it is that I don't like getting tossed around, and not being restrained for any of it, yada yada yada.
    3) The Walt Disney World Railroad. I know I'll be catching some serious flak from Disney enthusiasts on this one, but the only time I rode it, I had to a) wait outside the Frontierland station, IN THE HEAT, and b) was forced to listen to a toddler's meltdown THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS WAITING! I'll be sure to give it a much fairer shake on the next trip down (whenever that may be).

    1) Mission Space. Having motion sickness as bad as I do, that is the worst ride to be in. Even worse, I don't think I'll be re-riding it anytime soon, even though they made it much tamer!
    2) Journey Into Your Imagination with Figment. Sorry Disney, but please bring back the OLD Journey into Imagination pavilion and attraction, AND bring back the Dreamfinder, and I will think of re-riding this one, as well as deigning to visit the place again.
    3) The Seas With Nemo And Friends. Seriously, they had to bring in CLAM MOBILES and replaced the hydrolators, my favourite part of the only other pavilion besides Wonders of Life that is no longer with us in that state?? Puh-leeze, that was easily the worst decision Disney ever made, save for the Wonders of Life decision.

    1) Star Tours. I still love this ride, but boy howdy, does this ride EVER need an update. Perhaps not Disney Digital 3-D, unless Disney figured out a way to alleviate the motion sickness present when your 3D glasses bounce around, OR decided to go with lenticular 3D, in which case glasses aren't required!
    2) Rock 'n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. While I love Aerosmith, this ride and I didn't get introduced on the best of terms... OR the emptiest of stomachs. But, now that I'm a "coaster freak", I will have to try this ride again. The worst thing that can happen is I buy another T-shirt (this time in XL) as a promise to myself that giving the ride a fairer shake was a bad idea and I should never be that stupid again, LOL.
    3) Lights Motors Action Stunt Show. I got to see this the last time I went, and it was worse than bad. While I love a good car chase sequence, Lights Motors Action was an absolute travesty, and the pacing was worse than Quantum of Solace (the most recent James Bond flick).
    DISHONORABLE MENTION: The Backlot Tour. I loved seeing Residential Street, and was so crushed when they removed the houses... especially when you see the travesty they replaced Residential Street with.

    As far as AK goes, I haven't seen and/or ridden enough to make any sort of judgment in this arena.

    Yeah, some of mine might be even more controversial than yours, Stacey!


  5. Your putting The Seas With Nemo and Friends is spot on... simply because of your reasoning. On top of that, I noticed that Disney is using this cop out of an attraction over and over. Recycling the idea of constant moving vehicle cycle by simply placing a different theme on it. Tacky Disney, Tacky. We didn't need 3 Dumbos and we don't need 3 Nemos.

    I'm with ya on Space Mountain, I go on it but it still freaks me out a bit simply because it honestly feels unsafe. And don't feel too bad about the railroad... I hadn't even been on it until last year!