Friday, September 25, 2009

Upcoming WDW Discounts

It appears as though Disney is going to be throwing out the amazingly awesome Buy-4-Get-7 deal. They did this a little while back and everyone was going gaga over it simply because it's a pretty nice deal. It's especially nice for families that normally only go for 4 days simply because they can't afford any more days. Truthfully, you can't tour the parks in 4 days... but, hey, that's just my opinion.

Value resorts will get a slightly different deal... buy-5-get-7. Makes sense... values are significantly less expensive and Disney would be losing some money and overbooking big time if the value resorts had the buy-4-get-7. Economically, you get the better deal if you book a moderate or deluxe resort with this particular deal.

I'm sure that you'll be paying rack rate for the room but in the end you should come out ahead. If you're an AP holder you'll probably have to do the math to figure out if a possible AP discount could be more to your advantage overall.

Last year when Disney put this discount out they also included a gift card for certain dates. It was January through March (I do believe...) got $200.00. Not per person but per room booking. Good deal if you ask me! If you're going in January *cough*Graham and Jill*cough* then this deal is AMAZINGGG.

Now on a personal note, i'm thinking of skipping a WDW trip in 2010. One of my very best friends from high school was an exchange student from Poland. She's finishing her final year in college in Buxton. I'm thinking about doing a 2 week vacation in Europe. Going to Manchester, London, then Poland. I haven't seen her in years and we still keep in touch. If I came across an amazing deal or someone could pay for me to go to WDW then I could do both. But, until then, i'm just not sure. I'll have to price out the European trip and we'll see.


  1. I hadn't heard about the deal being offered again. Link? Do you need a PIN code for it? If they have it, I just hope it doesn't make the parks crowded.

  2. It "technically" isn't announced by WDW yet. I should have mentioned that I got the info from the Unofficial Guide's website...

    From what I understand... last year was pretty sure much the same crowd wise and it didn't inflate anything. Attendance would be fairly low if Disney didn't put out deals like this.

  3. Oh, and yeah, you'll probably need a PIN once the deal is released and you can book it. It'll be a public discount but it won't get automatically applied... you'll need to have that PIN.

  4. Where do you get the pin? How will I know if/when the deal is released?

  5. Oh you'll know... they're expecting the deal to be released October 1st... maybe earlier for Visa card holders because they get the opportunity to book before anyone else. I'm sure whatever WDW planning website you check will have the pin listed. The best website to check for accuracy on deals is I love that website! They even have a listing of discounts that seem to pop up every year so you know what you can possibly expect.

  6. I got a PIN in the mail for the last 4/3 deal. But I didn't get it until January.