Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Week To Go!



I can't believe i'm one week away from being in the happiest place on earth! :) Leaving Michigan for a week simply sounds amazing. I'm excited to have one full week of summer weather since Michigan basically had a warmer version of fall in replacement of a traditional summer. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me!

I brought my WDW planning binder to work with me today because I need to get all of my documents organized and put together. Sadly, Disneyworld.com is still not fully running properly so I can't even pull up my reservation on there and attach my dining reservations. I must have written TWO of my confirmation numbers down wrong so I'm just going to have to not have a confirmations number on my itinerary for those days. Ugh. I hate not feeling like I have all of the information. Gotta learn to lose control I suppose and throw caution to the wind.

Every WDW trip I seem to have an overall "theme" or a "goal" that I want to achieve. This time I sort of feel like I want to literally have as much fun as possible. Stay as busy and consumed in the Disney magic as possible. I want to be able to drain my brain before I hop on that plane and leave all my worries in Michigan. Now, traditionally I suggest to friends that they don't try and run from their problems but in this case... a little vacation is exactly what I need. Maybe to find some clarity and new found appreciation for life. I just want to do exactly what I want when I want and not have to live on this silly schedule that I do in my everyday life.

Is it terribly weird of me to say that i'm really stoked to eat good food? And I don't just mean "good food." I mean "Gooooood fooooood." There is a subtle yet very important difference. I mean, i'm going to be filled up with tofu, salmon, and cheesecake. It's going to be pure heaven. I really feel like talking about food... I think I need a double blog day just so I can talk about what i'm thinking of ordering at each restaurant. Yeah, folks! I've already thought about that! How could I not?!

That's it for now guys! Feel free to ask me questions or leave me comments!



  1. Do have very many good restaurants where you live? I've heard that WDW restaurants aren't really all that fantastic. Since we only did CS last time I can't weigh in yet. So it'll be interesting to see what Graham and I think. I'm picky so I don't like too many places. Graham is much more of a "foodie" so his opinion will definitely be interesting.

    One week! I'm jealous. I have something like 120 days to go. Haha.

  2. One Week! Hope you have a great trip, Stacey!

    -Henry from TouringPlans.com

  3. We don't have great places around here. The best meal i've ever had though was at a place in Chicago called Joe's. It was mucho expensive but worth every dime. There are places at WDW that are like that... expensive but worth the experience. Not all table service restaurants are what I would call "amazing" but I definitely eat waaaay better at WDW than I ever would around here.

    Matt eats anything. I'm a little more picky. Meaning, if something doesn't taste right to be i'll notice but won't be brave enough to send it back. haha. My mom... she'll pretty much eat anything as well. haha.

  4. We almost never go anywhere nice or expensive here. It just isn't in our budget. But I do know that great places exist here if we ever wanted to go. We haven't had a super nice and expensive meal since our first anniversary. It was delicious but after appetizers, entrees, dessert, wine, and tip....it was easily the most expensive meal I've ever had. Haha.

    I just can't rationalize spending too much on food unless it's a special occasion. I'm too cheap...haha.

    I think two main reasons we do so much CS at the parks is because they are cheap and fast.