Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Disney Filled Birthday Celebration

It's finally April 1st!  That means in just 12 days, on April 13th, my mom and I will be heading down to Walt Disney World.  Words cannot express how excited I am.  This morning, my mom and I watched the Top 7 Must Sees in WDW together.  Something about that video that gets me really pumped to tour the parks. 

This was a trip that almost didn't happen.  Flight prices were all over the place and just when I found a REALLY good deal (like $140 round trip) the prices shot up the next day and then a few days after that, the airline filed for bankruptcy and cancelled every flight until May!  Every other airline was so expensive out of every city and I just became discouraged.  That is, until I found a flight out of Grand Rapids, MI through AirTran.  For about $220 round trip and with decent flight times.  We've never flown out of Grand Rapids before but the airport will be really simple to get to and will be shorter drive than we're used to going to Detroit.

The flight leaves at 12:10 p.m.  I'm a supporter of really early morning flights because that means more time in the parks that day.  However, I really didn't have a choice in this situation.  12:10 was far better than the other options I was given with more expensive airlines.  We should arrive into Orlando International Airport at about quarter 'till 3.  A quick potty break and then we'll be on Disney's Magical Express bound for All- Star Sports Resort.

We decided to stay at a value because we're trying to go cut costs where we can.  All-Star Sports was our cheapest option with the help of a friend's cast member discount.  If you can remember, I've stayed at A.S.S. (haha) before.  Last year I took a trip down in March and stayed there.  I actually find the rooms inside of the All Star resorts to be nicer than the rooms at Pop Century.  The grounds are just okay but I don't spend that much time at the resort to really care.  I really like the big surf themed pool but didn't get to use it last time.  I have a feeling the weather is going to be scorching hot in a few weeks so we'll definitely want to partake in some swimming.

My mom surprised me and told me that I got to pick a meal to celebrate my birthday and she'll pay.  I went back and forth, back and forth.  It took me two weeks to decide on California Grill only to see that I can't get a reservation.  Fail.  I really wanted to try something NEW but due to the schedule and difficulty with Disney transportation, I decided to do Boma (my 3rd time, mom's first) a day after my actual birthday.

We'll also be doing some other cool things throughout the trip.  On our first night, a large group of people from the Disney online community that live in Flordia will be getting together at Biergarten to celebrate three birthdays!!  There will be another friend dinner at Sanaa one night and even some mini golfing at some point.  I'm doing another solo meal one night at my new favorite restaurant, Jiko.  Mom didn't have any interest in it so she'll hang out at the hotel while I'm feeding my face.  On top of all of that, a super fun Touring Plans meet is being planned!

I'm REALLY excited about seeing my friends again at La Cava del Tequila.  I fully intend on trying even more things on the drink menu, including the new Coffee Margarita.  My favorite guacamole in the whole world is served at La Cava as well.  I think I should treat myself to a shot of Don Julio 1942 for my birthday since it's my favorite.  :)

My actual birthday is April 15th and on that day the Magic Kingdom will be open until three in the morning for Extra Magic Hours!  I don't think I can get my mom to go that long but hopefully we'll get to enjoy a good amount of nighttime at Magic Kingdom. 

I think that's all of the important details to share with you all!  Will report back soon!


  1. I have flown into Grand Rapids twice now on Thanksgiving to see Fiance's family, it is a very nice airport easy to navigate. Though once through security not much to look and do. Enjoy your birthday trip!

  2. Mighty quiet in here!