Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm doing my happy dance now.  Only 2 days left of work and then we're off to my "real" home... Walt Disney World.

I've said for the longest time now that where I live now is not my home.  I may have been born and brought up here but the second I stepped on Disney property as a child I was given a new life.  Every time I leave that place I leave my heart behind.  There is no doubt in my mind that it's where I belong forever.  I'd like forever to start right now and I'd like to make a living doing something involving Disney but at the moment it's monetarily not feasible to move to my real home.  Someday soon I hope.

I made out my packing list today but got clothes around to pack last night.  We're finishing up laundry and getting all of the last minute things taken care of.  Matt and I got our flu shots today at Walgreens (is it weird I LIKE getting shots?) and tomorrow we've gotta get our breakfast food for the room.  This is the part of vacation that I hate.  Remembering to do everything the last few days before you leave.

We bought Ellie an indoor/outdoor play yard last week and it should arrive tomorrow.  We're keeping Ellie with Matt's parents instead of boarding her.  The last time we boarded her the place didn't brush her and she turned into a giant knot when we got home.  It was our mess to deal with and we weren't too pleased.  My in-laws have 5 cats so Ellie will have tons of play buddies.

Quote of the day is from Barbara.  She texts me, "I can't decide... creme brulee vs. chocolate wave at coral reef.  Dilemma."  Love this girl.  She thinks just like me.

Matt and I decided that Thursday morning we are leaving the house at 4 a.m.  Well, we're aiming to.  By the time we get packed up it'll probably be 4:15 but that's okay because we're leaving way early anyway.  Matt's dad is taking us to the airport so we don't have to leave our car somewhere.  We'll end up eating a couple of breakfasts that morning.  One at home (so I can avoid fast food) and then a snack or something in the airport.  Gotta warm my stomach up for Biergarten later.  MmmMmmmMmm buddy!

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