Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet & Greet Dreaming

It's no secret that it's pretty darn easy to find Disney Princesses and any of the Fab Five in the parks at Walt Disney World.  All you have to do is put up with waiting in line an hour or so for your dream shot at meeting Cinderella.  Most visits, I don't have time to do this.  Or rather, I won't take the time to.  I'm a short line kinda gal.  Though, there are characters that I've been dreaming of meeting in the parks but they just might be too rare for me to find.

Max Goof
Max probably used to be seen more when A Goofy Movie came out but as of late, you can only find him randomly.  Back in 2004, I met Max for the first and only time in the Magic Kingdom.  It was a glorious day and I told him that I had a crush on him and intended on marrying him one day... true story.  Again, in 2008, I bumped into him accidentally at the Art of Animation.  I waited in line, got really excited, and then as I was the NEXT person to go, the character wrangler said Max had to leave... out came Minnie.  I didn't want to meet Minnie!  I wanted to meet the love of my life!!!  Max!  Someday, Max.  Someday.

How can you resist him as Powerline?  I surely can't.

Meg and Hercules
My favorite of the Disney "heros" is Hercules.  And my favorite damsel in distress?  Megara.  I absolutely LOVE Hercules.  I remember watching it for the first time with my family at the movie theater and then buying the movie the day that it came out.  I remember sitting front of the television begging my mom to rewind it so we could watch it again.  The soundtrack astounded my family.  We were obsessed with this film.  I'd love to meet Herc and Meg together someday if they ever decide to come out of hiding.

I am the biggest Hades fan there is.  It's true.  He's got the best lines of any Disney villain that I've ever seen.  He's witty and sarcastic.  Somehow he even manages to be charming while looking like the scariest hellion known to man.  I saw that he was out at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party last year doing meet and greets.  I wish they'd bring him out for more than just a hard ticketed event.

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel 
God bless Tangled.  What a great film with awesome music and an event better storyline.  This is one meet and greet that I can actually accomplish at some point!  I heard that Flynn is no longer appearing in the meet and greet but at least I'll still get to meet Rapunzel one day soon.


  1. I just can't get into the characters. When I see them, all I see is a college kid in a suit...haha. And most of the smaller male costumed ones are women. So when I see Mickey, all I see is some chick in a suit. I've gotten my picture with a few random characters but it was only because we happened to be walking by and no one was getting a picture...so we did. I'd never wait in line for a character unless I had a kid. And even then...it would have to be a short wait. Even when I was little, we didn't wait to meet characters. We'd much rather go on rides.

  2. The cartoon Hercules is hot (I admit, I have a crush), but the live-action version isn't doing it for me. He looks short and chubby.

  3. I have actually met quite of few of the classic characters between my numerous trips to WDW, Graham. I would like to meet the Splash Mountain characterts though! I saw Brer Rabbit in October but didn't get to meet him.

    I try and forget that they are "people in a costume." I get really into it and have a conversation with them. I guess I'm good at that level of fantasy.

    Um, yeah, that Herc isn't the sexist one I've ever seen. I told my husband I thought he looked stocky and he said "I think it's a body suit!" No, hun. He just ate one too many burgers.

  4. I'm mad they're taking Flynn Rider away - I would want to meet him! Bring back our princes!

  5. RIGHT?! Ugh, us ladies would like to meet some handsome fellas! haha

  6. YEAH! Fellow Max fan here. My friend got to see him at Characterpalooza this last month at DHS in the Animation Courtyard. I would also have to concur on the powerline costume hehe, love that movie!