Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stacey Houdini

Wonder where I've been? 

So have I.

I disappeared from the Disney scene for a while... yes, I had to take some time off for my personal life.  My head is on much straighter now and I'm really excited to get back into the Disney swing of things!  No, I didn't pull a LiLo and go to rehab so all you gossip mags can shut it.  ;)

Thank you so much to my readers for being really very patient with me.  I appreciate you!  I really do!

Another special thank you to my friends in the Disney community who have helped push me to get back into things after my time off.  No need to name names.  You very talented human beings are my inspiration for writing about Disney World.  I'm so happy to call you my friends. 

Something I am SO SO SO proud of is a review that I did for Steve Seifert's Polynesian Resort website!  Steve is a great friend of mine and I encourage you all to go support his amazing website.  Here is the link! 

Hopefully by tonight the next part of my trip report will be posted and ready for you all to enjoy.


  1. Welcome back. So glad everything is OK. Looking forward to the rest of your trip report.

  2. Great to have you back...