Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogger... I'm Over You

For a week, I've been working on Day Five of my trip report and of course I've hit a wall.  The wall called Blogger.

I would pump these suckers out much quicker if I didn't have so many issues uploading photos to Blogger.  First off, I can only upload one set at a time for whatever reason.  I have to get out of the blog editor completely then get back in to upload more.  Secondly, I have to switch to the old school editor in order to upload vertical pictures correctly.  When I use the old editor it messes up all of the formatting of the entire blog.  Everything just goes nutso!

On top of all of this, as if my head didn't hurt enough... I got some error message and now my almost completed Day Five entry won't save at all!  Ever!  I can't figure out a way to fix it.

This means that I have to redo all of Day Five.  I'm going to take some advice and use Firefox intead of Internet Explorer.

In the mean time I will try and think of something else entertaining to write about tomorrow.  Promise :)


  1. I use Firefox and never have problems...but I don't upload tons of pics either! Good luck!!

  2. I used to have problems uploading photos to this joke of a blogging site and have a very simple solution.

    First and foremost, lose IE. You're better served with Firefox. Secondly, get yourself a Photobucket account. Upload your photos there then use the HTML code they provide to insert your photos into this. Check it out.