Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Salad Fork On the Outside, Dinner Fork On the Inside

It's Walt Disney World pet peeve time!  Everyone gets a nice little etiquette lesson in this blog post. 

You may have encountered them before.  They are some of the worst folks in Walt Disney World.  No, it's not the guests that step on the back of your heels when in a queue line.  Nope, it's not even your fellow vacationers that don't know their butt crack is hanging out when they sit down in front of you at Festival of the Lion King.  It's the people that are walking in front of you and suddenly decide that they have to look at the park map right then and there, in the middle of the walkway.  You dodge them quickly in fear that your crotch could collide with the top of the 2 year old childs head. 

It's not that I disapprove of guests using park maps all together.  I just disapprove of some folks' poor timing.  It seems that when those that irritate me choose stop, they stop in the busiest walkway during the busiest time of day... usually right at park opening.  You'd think that they would look at the map while waiting in line to get in and have their route memorized.

If I could suggest anything to these guests it would be this.  Keep your stampede with you at all times.  If you suddenly decide to take a peek at your map, move your rears to the side of the walkway or even into a nearby shop.  Take small children by the hair, errr, hands, and keep your arms, legs, and feet, inside the vehicle at all times.  Thank you and have a magical day!


  1. I agree! My Mom tends to do stuff like that out shopping and whatnot. I will physically pull her off to the side to get out of the way.

    It's like people at the grocery store who feel the need to block the entire aisle with their body and cart.

    How about groups of people at WDW/Disneyland who walk all in a line, blocking the entire width of the walkway? Ugh.

  2. Matt does that at the store too. Drives me bananas. If we are in a disagreement about what to get or if we're somewhere and can't figure out what we want to order, I have to pull him aside because he doesn't think that he's blocking others. I don't know if it just doesn't register with some people or what. Maybe I'm just highly paranoid of ticking people off. Haha!

    Typically those guests walking in a big line are all holding park maps. ;) They also have the kids that stop to tie their shoe in the middle of the walkway. When the kid is done doing that he turns on his squirt bottle/fan which of course drifts back into your face as you try to eat your dole whip.

  3. Those people annoy me but probably not as much as "humpers" in lines. Do they really need to be THAT close?