Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coaster Radio

About seven months ago I was approached by the host of an online theme park podcast, Coaster Radio, to be on their show to talk about American Idol Experience.  It was an absolute blast recording the episode.  After corresponding with Mike for a month or so, he had asked me to come on board the Coaster Radio train and write for the blog and appear on the show now and again to add something new. 

In March, I wrote my first entry for Coaster Radio's blog.  Since then I've contributed a handful of times.  Covering lots of topics and appearing on the show a few times as well.  It's been a blast to get to share my passion for theme parks and roller coasters with other people who care about them just as much.  My confidence is finally building and I'm becoming more comfortable recording episodes with Mike and EB.

I'm looking to pick up the pace on my blog entries.  Hopefully I can pop out a new entry once every two weeks.  The hardest part is getting inspired to write something!  That's where I'm asking you, my Disney blog readers, to help me out.  You all are full of great ideas and I'd love to hear some of them.  Coaster Radio has been around for five years and there are still topics I'm sure they've never covered before.  Time for me to get movin'!

Make sure to head over to and see what's new and fresh!  Each show runs about 40 minutes and there are a lot of blog postings going on all the time.  There is even a project going on to get David Arquette to record the show introduction! 

Thank you all for reading my blog and taking interest in what I have to say.  It really means so much to me and makes me feel very special.  THANK YOU!

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