Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pop Century Resort

Pop Century Resort at WDW is a value resort. The only value outside of the All-Star clan. It is also the newest of all of the value resorts. I have stayed at Pop in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. When I walk into the lobby I always say "i'm home." It just feels very Disney. The theme is "decades" and each section of the resort has it's own icons to let you know what decade you are in.

That is the main entrance sign. Below is an overhead view of the entire resort.

The lobby is awesome! Along the right wall when you walk in there are shadow boxes with memorobilia from all of the decades. Really interesting and you could spend a half hour just checking out all of the cool stuff. Check in always is really speedy because they have so many people working. Straight ahead of check in is Everything Pop. In there is the gift shop and the food complex. The gift shop is quite large and has lots of Disney garb as well as essentials like toothpaste and condoms (yes, condoms are available... not that I would know from personal experience).

Like I said, each section is pretty defined. Unless you are a moron of course. The 50's section is my personal favorite. I love the music and the icons. There is a giant jukebox and a bowling pin pool. Pretty freakin' awesome if you ask me. The 60's and 70's share a flower pool. Everything has a "hippy" vibe to it. The 80's and 90's have a "computer" pool. I always thought it looked dumb until I stayed there myself. I actually enjoyed the 80's quite a bit!

The rooms at Pop are very basic. Not Best Western basic but Disney basic. Which means, it's not as plain as a regular chain hotel. But, it's no deluxe resort. I've never walked into my room dirty. Mousekeeping has always been great. I'm picky about bathrooms and how clean they are. I've always felt comfortable in Disney hotel rooms.

I could go on talking about the bus stop but that is pretty average. The busses get filled up quickly so be out early and be prepared to stand a while at times. Also, if you wanna go to Downtown Disney... take a cab.

Last thing before I go.... the best part about Pop Century..... cheesecake!!!


  1. Does that cheesecake have a weird flavor or something? And it doesn't look like it has graham cracker crust which is my favorite part of cheesecake.

    Have you been there during a slow season? What are the buses like then?

    I'm excited to try a new resort. But at the same time I'm worried I won't like it. I'll just have to remind myself not to compare it to Port Orleans Riversize the whole time.

  2. So, I just wrote this HUGE comment back and then I had an error message when I tried to send it. Grr.... lemme just freakin' try and paraphrase everything.

    No crust on the cheesecake that I remember. Wish it had crust though. I'll let you know if i'm wrong.

    I have been during late April/early May, mid May, late May/early June. There was a slight difference in the busses during late April. Never had to wait for 2 busses to fill up. But, i've seen it happen. Don't try and get on a bus during a crazy busy time. Like 11am! haha. Hear that guys?! be early! haha

    I was nervous about trying a new resort too. I was scared I was going to be wishing I was at Pop. But, I didn't. I mean, I love Pop the most but I liked CBR just fine. Pop looks new and fresh. I like that. Ambiance is a big deal to me. CBRs rooms were more run down. Now that they are updated though, I think i'd like it better. The grounds and pool were awesome.

    Pop is just "new looking" and I find that really cool. It's like a modern value for all decades. haha.

  3. I stayed at All Star Sports in 1995. And since all the values have a similiar vibe....I have a feeling I'll get all nostalgic when we stay at POP...haha. So that aspect of it makes me excited to stay at a value resort.

    I need to continue scanning old photos so I can post WDW 1987, 1991, and 1995 photos in my blog.