Monday, May 4, 2009

First WDW Blog! Eeeek!

I decided that it was time to create a separate blog to talk about all things Disney. As most of you know... I could talk about it for hours and hours and never tire. It's in my blood or something.

"The tribal rhythm was like, oh yeah, in my blood..." - Stacey from Top 7 Must Sees at WDW

...sorry, I had to. :)

I have a big announcement! *cue drum roll*

I'm going to Walt Disney World!

That's right! I'm off to the Most Magical Place On Earth once again!

Travelers: Matt: 25
Mom: 62
Stacey (that's me!): 21

Travel Dates: September 29-Oct 6

Travel Reason: Free Dining! Well, and the fact that we all miss WDW like crazy.

We're all pretty stoked to get the ball rolling on this vacation! When Matt and I first started talking about definite times we wanted to go... we talked about free dining (August-early October) or the first week of December. When I started to do a price mock up for September/October I came up with something really good and doable for Matt and I. I chose the dates that I did because Free Dining technically ends October 3rd. But, most people will look at that and think that they need to finish up their vacation by the 3rd. Uh uh! Not true! You simply need to check in by the 3rd. My thinking is that the tail end of our vacation should have less crowds. Smart, or smart? ;)

When I talked about the vacation with Matt he said that he felt bad because we have never taken his parents before. I know that Matt's dad would have a hard time getting around because he has a prosthetic leg and he refuses to use a wheelchair or motorized scooter. I told Matt to go ahead and ask his rents. Well, to my surprise they said that they would just wanna know how much. When I told them their part they thought about it for a day and then decided that since they are already going to Las Vegas in a few days, they better not take the risk of not being able to pay for it.

The rest of my family have different reasons for not being able to. Trust me, all of them would LOVE to... but, for one reason or another they cannot. Then it was time to ask my mom. But, first, I had to find out when she wanted to go to Graceland (our Christmas present to her). She said that she worried that the summer would be too hot and that she'd think about it. I told her about our WDW idea and she seemed very responsive to it. The idea intrigued her but she wanted hard prices of course. I got quotes from our travel agent with Magical Journeys and then yesterday I looked up what flights were looking like. Wow! Super cheap! I called up my mom and she came over so we could sit down and talk about it. I put all the figures out for her and added them up. Her part turned out to being just under $700 total. That is flight, hotel, park tickets, and room. Pretty killer for one amazing week at WDW!

She said that she had done some thinking and she decided that she wants to wait until next year to go to Graceland. She feels like it would be too much for Matt & I to pay for in one year. I told her that we thought about it and we thought we could swing it if we made some cuts for about 6 months. Then I just said that Matt and I could always go to Disney next January like we plan to. So, it's not that big of a deal if we don't go for free dining. Then she said the cutest thing ever...

"But, I want to go to Disney more!"

I never thought i'd hear my mom choose WDW over Graceland! She said that Graceland would always be there and at the same price but this deal at WDW would pass us by for one whole year. So, that was that! She said "Let's go to Disney World" and gave me a high five! haha! We were all smiles...

Next installment: Details with pictures


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you. You'll be going 4 months before you better take tons of photos so I can get a WDW fix before our trip.

  2. I'm following your blog. How come my photo doesn't show up?