Sunday, August 26, 2012

9 Days of Work!

That's it!  Just nine more days of work and trust me, it cannot be over fast enough.  I'm anxious as heck to get outta Michigan for a long weekend. Work seems to be more and more of a serious ache an pain in my bones and in my mind.  It's like an infection that brings me down with every passing day.  Luckily, I have more things to look forward to than just Disney that will help take my mind off of my day to day job and boring surroundings.

While the plans for my upcoming Disney trip hasn't become much more laid out, I'm really excited and looking forward to it.  If there's something interesting that's going on before I leave (related to my trip) then I'll make sure I update you.

My husband and I have decided to do a Couch to 5K program with each other.  Matt's really fit now.  While he doesn't do regular cardio, he lifts 2 or 3 times a week.  I'm not so motivated.  Haha!  A few years ago I got into running and actually started to feel good about going out and working out.  Then, the cold came and I just stopped cold turkey.  The program is really smart because you start off small and then work your way up to more jogging and less walking.  Matt will DEFINITELY push me and I think having me next to him will challenge him as well.  My goal is to lose weight and get in a regular routine of running.  Matt's goal is to just see how fast he can run a mile at the end of the program.  He doesn't have any intention to take up running.  I, on the other hand, would really like to enter my first 5K and finish it.  While I've never been overweight, I've always struggled with my endurance.  Fact: Skinny girls can be out of shape too.

Matt and I are starting the program tomorrow (Monday) and will continue on Wednesday and then again Friday morning or Saturday afternoon.  Not sure.  That being said, I'll be... drumroll please... running on my own the following Friday at Disney World!  Gonna have to test out the All-Star Resorts jogging trail for myself.

Okay, that's all of my info for now!  Check ya laterrr! (Dazed and Confused reference)

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  1. Good luck on the C25K program. I started it in January and finished around May. Don't be afraid to take an extra day off if you're in pain.