Monday, December 12, 2011

A Nautical Disney Adventure - Day Three - Part Two

Friends.  Check.  Disney.  Check.  Ponchos.  Check.

The downpour that we'd been experiencing hadn't stopped but we pressed on with the night to celebrate Barbara's 24th birthday at Downtown Disney.  We waited a little while for a bus.  That didn't surprise me at all since all bus transportation to Downtown Disney blows chunks.  Once the packed bus made it to Marketplace, we got off at the bus stop and saw a sea of people waiting for busses.  Again, no surprise.  

The Christmas store was our first stop and we spent quite a bit of time in there having fun and looking around.  I pretty much saw it as an opportunity to take pictures with my cool new camera.  I found an ornament that I wanted so badly but with a $50 price tag I had to walk away.

Ponchos back on, we made our move to Goofy Candy Co.  I had never been inside and wanted to look around at all of the cool treats.  The horrible weather made the candy store packed so I couldn't really take any pictures.  We didn't purchase anything... just looked around.  We did get a craving though so we headed for BabyCakes NYC.  I have a serious obsession with BabyCakes and I'm so glad that it exists.  Barbara and I bought some brownie bites, donuts, and toasties for breakfast the next morning.  I was super happy that Barbara didn't buy any cupcakes because she had a special BabyCakes surprise coming to her that very night!

It was about a half hour before our reservation at Raglan Road but the rain caused us to have no desire to shop so we decided to check in early to dinner.  It was totally nuts in there when I checked us in because so many people had the same idea as us.  I told them we were celebrating a birthday and would like to be seated as close to the entertainment as possible.  I was told it'd be a while and that was okay with us.  We hung out in the adjoining gift shop for a while and eventually we were seated.

Our table was RIGHT in between the band's stage and the dancers' stage.  Best seat of the house.  Our waiter promptly came over and right away we liked him.  He had this... way about him.  He was chill, yet attentive.  I could really tell he was listening to us and cared about serving us.  Our drink orders came quickly which rocked because we were ready for some alcohol.  I got one of the infamous beer flights in Walt Disney World, the Four Provinces.  This consisted of Swithwicks, Harp, Guinness, and Kilkenny.  While all were delicious, Kilkenny won me over.  Funnily enough, both Ben and Matt ordered that as well and loved it.  Matt and Ben both had two more throughout the night and I ordered one after my flight was finished.  Barbara's drink was on the speciality menu but I was too busy drinking my beer to write the name of it down.  So, just know... it was yellow and it was so good she ordered another.

We placed our entree orders and enjoyed the awesome Irish band play.  A couple got married that night and had their celebration dinner at Raglan Road.  The band invited the sweet couple up on stage for their first dance.  While the moment was beautiful, Barbara (a bridal consultant) and I couldn't help but notice how God awful this woman's bustle was.  Also, the Irish dancer dude looked a lot like some celebrity but I couldn't figure out who.  Someone please help.

Entree time!  Here is Ben's medium rare 10 oz. steak.  Ben said the following about his steak, " of the best ever."  There you have it.  Everything paired perfectly with the steak and it turned out to be a fantastic meal.

Mussels.  A crock 'o' mussels.  I'm salivating now just looking at the picture of my meal.  I can't even explain how perfect this was.  I was actually stunned.  The broth, the leeks, the bread soaked in the delicious broth.  I can't talk about it anymore... I'm starting to have a craving.  Excuse me.

Matt and Barbara both flipped out over the fish and chips that they ordered.  They said the tartar sauce was so out of this world.  Barbara got some ranch dressing to dip her fries in only she got this amazing ranch which was unexpected.  I love that standard fish and chips was amped up and made a really delicious meal.

After dinner, as I was ordering another beer, I asked the waiter (without Barbara hearing) if the cake was in the back for us from BabyCakes.  He knew exactly what I was talking about and told me just to give him a sign when I wanted him to bring it out.  He asked if I wanted candles in it and of course I accepted that offer.  I just figured we could do without the candles and it'd be no big deal.  About ten minutes later, he came walking out with this beautiful purple and pink cake.  Following him was another waiter with a plate of miniature cookie sandwiches straight from BabyCakes NYC!  Gah!  I was so excited!  We were already so full but HAD to dig into this masterpiece!  I placed an order ahead of time with BabyCakes for an 8 inch, Blondie birthday cake with vanilla frosting.  All four of us could not believe how amazing it was.  Even Ben, super meat eater, said it was one of the best cakes he'd ever tasted.

Our waiter came by the table and assumed we didn't want the dessert that came with the Disney Dining Plan.  Matt said, "Oh, yeah we're good."  I did not stand for this.  We paid for that dessert and we were going to get it so I could review it.  I got our waiters attention and Matt corrected himself and said we would like to order dessert.  The boys got the Strawberry and Apple Crumble.  Super delicious.  Barbara got the Bailey's Brule Tart which she said reminded her more of cheesecake instead of creme brulee.  I thought it looked that way as well.  She said it was really tasty though.  I only get one dessert when I'm at Raglan Road... the Bread and Butter Pudding.  Oh sweet heavenly angels... this was great.  I could only take three bites before I felt my stomach come dangerously close to exploding.

Above is the massacre of desserts.  Feast your eyes on this table overflowing with sugary goodness.

Our waiter boxed up the leftover cake and cookies for us.  This became our breakfast and snack for the rest of the vacation.  We're not ashamed and never will be.

We crashed so hard after we got to the room.  Exhaustion from such a fun and rainy day.  Best birthday in WDW ever?  I think so.

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