Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Nautical Disney Adventure - Day 2 *PICTURES*

Our room window at Caribbean Beach Resort decorated.

"Siiiiiingin' in the Rain..."

Matt's totally ready for the park to open!

Front of the line at Toy Story Midway Mania!

A deserted Streets of America

Truly, the worst Great Movie Ride guide of all time.

And, truly, the best gangster in Great Movie Ride.

I adore Kimberly!

HAHA... no words for Ben.

The beautiful Sunset Blvd.

Streetmosphere Parade!

She's so insanely photogenic!

Sexy hair, Mr. Landon!  Sexy hair!

My hero and idol, Walt Disney

Handsome, huh?

Definitely a dream job of mine.

Use that whip, Indiana Jones!

While the show holds no interest for me anymore, I love taking pictures here.

Hanging with Walt in One Man's Dream

Giving the dog at 50's Prime Time Cafe a little booze.

My awesome gang!

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  1. Love your pictures! Can I ask what you used to decorate your window?