Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bueller? Bueller?

Clearly, i've been absent.

The thing with planning a WDW trip so far ahead is that once your ADRs are taken care of all you can really do is wait until the trip gets closer. I have one month until my next WDW vacation and i'm mentally trying to get myself super excited. Lots of personal junk has been bogging me down lately and it's hard to think about something so wonderful and fun when you've got "reality" surrounding you and beating you down day after day.

Let me get the bad news over with... the trip has changed to just mom and I. Matt has chosen to go out to see his aunt in California with his mom. That means it will be another team trip for mom and I! Really.. nothing wrong with that. Just kind of a mental bummer.... ya know? Sadly, I have to take care of trying to transfer his Northwest ticket from going to Orlando to going to San Fran or L.A. Ugh. I'm not looking forward to paying the extra fees for that mess.

On a high note... the trip is totally paid off! About two weeks ago I paid the final $250.00 ish and now i'm totally done! Wooo! I'm really still thinking of doing the AP like I wanted to but there are personal reasons as to why i'm not sure it'd be such a good idea. Hmm.. not sure yet. I have more time to think about it. Really... I don't have to decide until the trip is upon us. It'll be about $220.00 just to upgrade my 1 day base to a 7 day park hopper. And the AP will cost me about $520.00. Kind of a big difference but if I KNOW that I will get to use that AP fully then it will be worth it.

It's also time for me to start getting my WDW binder together. The binder I carry religiously until we step foot into our hotel room. I still have to get all of the info typed out and printed so I can neatly store it. Once that is done it's really just a matter of time. Did you know that I left my binder on the plane during my honeymoon and almost totally left the gate without it?

Anyways... i'm hoping someone is still interested in reading this! I'll keep updating when I feel necessary.


  1. I'm still reading! Sucks that Matt won't be going. I still think you need to make a trip in January and we can meet up. :)

  2. I agree, Jill! I'd love to do that. It's a big reason why I wanna get an AP so badly!

  3. Stacey -

    You can upgrade your base to the AP, which would then cost *only* about $436.

    I bought one three years ago and have gotten a new one every year since. I go on 2 - 3 trips per year that are 3 - 4 days long each. The AP rates on the hotels and the fact that I don't have to pay for a ticket every time I go make it worth it for me.

    Do you have a Disney Rewards Visa? I use mine for everything, then bring down my years worth of rewards for the ticket. And I ask my family for Disney Dollars for Christmas.