Friday, June 19, 2009

Schedule Revision

I forgot to take into account something very important when I came up with my last schedule... Extra Magic Hours! Normally, I don't plan my days around where I end up at night so I basically ignore the Evening Extra Magic Hours all together. The schedule for October hasn't been released yet but i'm basing my schedule for October after September's Extra Magic Hours that have been released. If it is all different then i'll just have to suck it up and deal because once I book my ADRs i'm not going to flip them all around.

What's Extra Magic Hours (EMH for short) you ask? Basically, any guest staying at a WDW resort on property has the ability to get into a WDW theme park 1 hour early or stay in the park up to 3 hours past park closing. The smart people know that the evening EMHs aren't really worth it as you don't get much accomplished because more people are there. Why are more people there? Easy! More people would much rather stay out late than wake up early. Well, i'm a freak of nature and like getting up early at WDW so the morning EMH really works out for me well.

Right now, my revised schedule looks like this.

September 29 - AK ('till close) - Tusker House dinner
September 30 - EP - Le Cellier
October 1 - MK - Kona Cafe
October 2 - AK - Cape May Cafe
October 3 - DHS - Mama Melrose
October 4 - EP - Coral Reef
October 5 - MK - 'Ohana


  1. What time do you wake up on WDW trips? What time do the parks open when you're there?

  2. The parks all open at 9am which makes EMH at 8am. Depending on who needs to shower in the morning... we could wake up as early as 5:30 or 6:00. If we are going to an 8am park opening. I like to be at the bus stop by 7:00 or 7:15. On EMH mornings you can get there maybe only a half hour before park opening and still be good. If going to a park that opens at 9:00 we will be at the bus stop around 7:45 or 8:00 depending on what park it is. Magic Kingdom takes a little while to get to from Pop so we try to adjust our time accordingly.

    Yeah, we're early birds. I'm okay with that. Some nights we'll stay in the parks until closing but normally we leave before the rush and just chill out at the hotel and get ready for the next day.

    I have to shower in the morning... I can't shower at night because then i'd have to wet down my hair again in the morning which is just a bigger waste of time. So, normally, i'm the first one up between Matt and I.

  3. I take forever in the morning so I typically get up first and shower and then wake Graham up. While he's showering, I'll be drying my hair. Then it takes me forever to just get things ready to go.

    On our last trip I got up around 7:30 most days (which is insanely early for me) but we still never go to the parks earlier than 10 or 10:30.

  4. I think i've only gotten to the parks past 10 like... once or twice.... ever. haha. And that would probably be because we had an early breakfast somewhere. Having an early breakfast makes us wake up even earlier because getting to the location of the restaurant takes so much longer... especially if it's at a resort like the Poly. Then you have to take a bus to the Magic Kingdom, then hop the resort monorail to the Poly. It takes about 15-20 minutes from Pop to MK anyways and then when you add in wait time for the bus and wait time for the monorail.... it gets long.

    On our honeymoon we did have one day where we slept in... till like 8:30. HAHA. That's REALLLY sleeping in.